#survival SE GP1014G14 14″ Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Types of Riffles #prepping

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SE GP1014G14 14″ Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Types of Riffles

  • Diameter: 14 inches
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: green
  • 1/8-inch deep round base to better trap gold
  • Two different types of riffles: shallow & deep

SE is proud to present our 14-Inch Green Plastic Gold Pan with Two Different Types of Riffles. Why choose our Plastic Gold Pan over traditional metal pans?
(1) Plastic does not rust or corrode.
(2) The riffles trap the gold better, making your pan as effective as a sluice box.
(3) Plastic weighs a lot less than the metal pans.
(4) The color stays true in the plastic pan so the gold flakes are easier to see. Important:
Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuin

List Price: $ 7.20

Price: $ 6.62

Garrett Gold Pan Kit

  • 14-inch Prospector Pan
  • 10-inch Backpacker Pan
  • Classifier
  • 2 gold vials
  • Tweezers

14-inch Prospector Pan. 10-inch Backpacker Pan. Classifier. 2 gold vials. Tweezers. Find an Ounce of Gold a Day book by Roy Lagal.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 25.45

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