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Super Collapse! 3

  • Explore the Expanding World of collapse!
  • And the Exciting New Quest! Mode
  • In this Challenging Puzzle Game.
  • Journey Through 10 Different Realms and visit Shops at Each Level to Purchase Power-Ups.
  • Enjoy the All New Twists and Turns on classic Collapse!

Slider, Continuous and Countdown Game Modes. Unlockable Secret Bonus Levels. Fun Mini-Games Offer Additional Challenges.

Collapse!TM 3
Puzzle fans – prepare yourselves for a quantum leap in the amazing Collpase!® series. Super Collapse!TM 3 features improved graphics and tons of goodies:

2 modes (Quest and Quick Play)
Quest Mode includes 10 environments to conquer!
7 game types (Classic, Relapse, Strategy, Puzzle, Slider, Continuous, Countdown)
Earn coins to purchase strate

Price: $ 8.53

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