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The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression: Shirley Temple and 1930s America

“[An] elucidating cultural history of Hollywood’s most popular child star…a must-read.” —Bill Desowitz, USA Today
For four consecutive years she was the world’s box-office champion. With her image appearing in periodicals and advertisements roughly twenty times daily, she rivaled FDR and Edward VIII as the most photographed person in the world. Her portrait brightened the homes of countless admirers, among them J. Edgar Hoover, Andy Warhol, and Anne Frank.
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Mississippi and the Great Depression

Expertly combining prior scholarship with primary sources, in Mississippi and the Great Depression historian Richelle Putnam details how this crisis impacted the lives of Mississippians during some of our state’s most harrowing years. Bringing national events into local settings, and traveling city by city, almost farm by farm from the Delta to the Coast, Putnam illuminates the experiences of locals from all races,classes, faiths, and vocations. Putnam’s account is not just the story of resilie

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