What Goes Into Your Survivalist Bug Out Bag?

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If you’re new to survivalist training, you might not know what a bug out bag is. This is just gear that you can grab and go on your way in the event of a disaster. You can put your gear into a backpack or other sturdy nylon bag.

You’ll need food that’s lightweight. Something like freeze-dried foods or MREs. Make sure you pack enough that can last everyone with you for at least three days. Water is a must-have.

You’ll also need three days worth of water for everyone. But you’ll want to take along something to collect water in for the days ahead. Pack water purifying tablets. Bleach can do in a pinch, but is harder to pack.

Aside from food and water, you need a way to cook the food and boil the water. To cook the food, you’ll need a basic cooking set, which would be lightweight pots that can be used over campfires or on a portable camp stove.

You’ll want to pack clothes for two days. The clothes that you’re wearing when you bug out will count as your third set. Make sure you pack long pants, long sleeved shirts and other clothing that will keep you warm.

You’ll want to do this even if it’s summer. Long pants and long sleeved shirts will protect your skin from pests and will keep you warm if the temperatures dip at night. You’ll also want to pack extra socks and underwear. Take sturdy hiking boots along, too.

Rain gear like a poncho can be used as shelter in a pinch. Bring a hat along to keep the rain and the sun off your head. Take sunglasses to protect your eyes in case you’re out in the sun for long periods. A bandana should be packed because it can have a multitude of uses.

Shelter materials should also go in your backpack. Take a tent or a tarp along with cording in the event you need to tie something to trees. Carry a sleeping back or a sleeping pad along to protect you from having to sleep directly on the ground. Make sure there are enough emergency blankets for everyone.

Personal hygiene materials need to go in your bug out bag and don’t forget your first aid kit. Fire starters are necessary as are waterproof matches. Take a flashlight that uses solar power rather than batteries.

You’ll also want fishing gear, a knife and a multitool. An emergency radio and a way to charge your cell phone using solar power should be included in your bug out bag. Have sturdy gloves and a small axe that can be used to make a clearing or to get debris out of your way.

You’ll want to have a folding shovel and duct tape along, too. Bring your important papers and pack entertainment. Finally, make sure that you bring a weapon such as a gun in order to protect yourself and your family.

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)