The 3 Things You Need To Survive Collapse

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25 Responses to “The 3 Things You Need To Survive Collapse”

  1. Jay Stimson

    People working together? to defend freedom.

  2. marniespeaks

    no that’s not what I’m saying – this video reminds me of the doctor commercial – it’s made to look like a PSA, but it’s really pushing? a commercial agenda – you don’t see it?

  3. TruthNeverTold

    It’s called stock footage.
    I have not had anything for sale for over a month trying to clear a massive backlog.?

  4. JoshWrights29

    It will be a grand chaotic mess. And you can bet the? elite have an agenda.

  5. A Watchman

    These three things:? Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! Not survive! Escape………. Luke 21:36

  6. Paul Muench

    mind -y? body- y soul -y I`m good.

  7. ceojr1963

    The only energy that keeps coming our way is solar. But all that stored solar energy locked up in Fossil fuels is running out of juice, Watch any video of the running out of energy produced on the amount of energy invested to find and process that said energy, that would define peak oil and other things like it. The scheme as it is? set up, says we will get more next year, to feed this year. Growth can’t happen on the finite planet, period.

  8. marniespeaks

    can someone explain this technique in video making?
    are you being interviewed? and then slipping clips in

    what’s the sales psychology you’re using here?

  9. ymkamara420

    so he is selling silver to pay? taxes? wtf you can not be serious

  10. ytgv3fc7

    depends what? else she’ll put in her mouth, doesn’t it?
    thank you, thank you, and now for something completely different…

  11. ytgv3fc7

    only those who can run fast, hide everything & find a ‘safer’ hole for a time being will be safe. All others will be robbed, some will be rewarded from their police / governments? for participating in the robbery of others.

  12. ytgv3fc7

    heheh ya I’ve noticed? that… obvious Chris should know better but fuck it… sometimes truth is uncomfortable to hear. I guess he wants to make that literally true 😀

  13. ytgv3fc7

    keeping control of the physical grid of roads, paths & delivery vehicles, gasoline, trucks, cars, is a lot easier than keeping control of the electric grid? & internet upon which bitcoins rely. Hence even with none of the fiat exchange gridwork there’s still a problem with btc vs barter or coin.
    Where btc shines is that one can’t lift it off you at gun point from the grid yet people leaving Cyprus with cash & gold are stopped & robbed by police, bank accounts frozen ahead of time

  14. ytgv3fc7

    because bitcoin is garbage and only an idiot would? lose good work-hours into fiat then bit-con. Silver’s reliable, cash is legally required so there’s no need to waste time on bit-con. The only #1 thing one can be sure of bit-con is you won’t see it back once you send them off.
    IF all my neighbors used it & I bartered btc for tangible goods that would be fine but we need a GRID to trade them unless we put them on USB keys & eventually we need a grid to trade them BEYOND our area.

  15. ytgv3fc7

    every empire collapses & many countries too – but that collapse is the one chance elites have to gain much more power than during peaceful times so that is the plan. Having the people beg the elites for help is part of that plan. It is critical that along the way we have the? most chance for effective resistance BUT it’s a small window of opportunity. The last time it worked was Cuba, Venezuela & Iran, hence they are hated by the “West” (American empire)

  16. nisher15

    Im starting to agree with your point. If end game is to steal the worlds wealth, that includes paper and metals. With all the manipulation going on, starting to think no one is? safe.

  17. MusbCrazy80

    dont worry about a girlfriend before? the collapse, its just another mouth to feed!

  18. Motoicon

    Americans think very short term. If it hasnt happened in 5 years or less, it wont. While things right now seem to indicate silver is a fools choice, in truth, just the opposite is true. People just dont have the patience to wait 10 -15 years for their savings or? wealth choice vehicle to pay off. People suffer from the present minded syndrome to a horrific fault. Be patient and keep stackin….

  19. zaxus211

    they think they are awake but they can’t understand that this is a spiritual battle..since the beginning of time.?

  20. elthiefo

    …hey Chris…can you get the site up now so i can buy. =] That’s what this vid should have been on. I’m bout ta miss a house payment!? Ag -$1.71 today alone! buy by bye!

  21. epitaphofnow

    GUN [Check]


  22. TruthNeverTold

    Because it is a free market… lol?

  23. TruthNeverTold

    Things that cannot go on forever won’t.
    Generational debt based, ponzi scheme that relies on exponential energy will be the single largest event in human history.

    Watch? TheGreatestTruthNeverTold com

  24. Iuliu Pop

    Cris you keep saying that their system is going to collapse, but i probably won’t. I mean their FIAT currencies are obviously going to fall with the dollar, but these globalist’s have planned this out for a long time and? even after the collapse they will probably still control and will manipulate our lives even more because most of the population is going to be begging them for help. So do you really think they will lose control? I know I d’ont.
    Please Answer
    PS: Im not a troll

  25. freevideos051