The American Economy Boom of the 1920s

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Thanks everyone for watching! Thanks to all the teachers who are showing it also! Means a lot! If you have any questions about anything let me know. I genera…
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25 Responses to “The American Economy Boom of the 1920s”

  1. Vanessa Annang

    some rich people? do

  2. Melissa Menchaca

    I am so getting an A on my test and? it is all because we LACK PANTS!

  3. TheOldcardave

    Ha Ha, Boom of the 20’s yes?, lead to the crash of? 1929. People borrowed money to buy stocks, even borrowed on their farms and homes, then ‘POOF’!! all gone. Those GOP Presidents helped create a false economy then and are still trying to say it will work now??

  4. mkmcclure

    The? Who? in the 1920s?……why?

  5. Welsh77

    and? 6/10 cars bought on credit is way less than today, no one buys a car without a loan lol

  6. Welsh77

    those numbers are nonsense, we didn’t? have a formal national accounting system until after world war II, the numbers before then are shaky estimates, that’s why gdp estimates are often missing years pre-war

  7. Welsh77

    hoover was NOT a laissez? faire president

  8. RcVandMore

    can a s.s us history teacher friend me? so i can ask q’s ?

  9. abhiraj bisht

    nice music

  10. XpEAnUTBuTtERsUckSX

    Btw you can’t argue against? that, it’s a fact, the reason for the boom was the fact that the federal reserve made credit very liquid by giving loans at low interest rates to the majoir banks, they then loaned it out to buisnessess, entrepeneurs, consumers e.c.t.

  11. brad bourgeois

    Economic “growth” in real dollars per capita under those three Presidents were actually negative 5.6%, hardly a boom.1922 +3.9%, 1923 +10.1%, 1924 +1.1%, 1925 +0.8%, 1926 +4.7%, 1927 -0.4%, 1928 0.0%, 1929 +4.6%, 1930 -9.6%, 1931? -7.2, 1932 -13.6%.

  12. Charlehh Reynolds

    My teacher also showed this is our History class, I have an essay to write on the Economical Boom in the 1920’s but have to argue against a quote, that claimed credit was the reason the American Economy? Boomed. And I know this video will help, thank you!

  13. 11para11more11

    customer goods 😛 what the hell is that P.S I loved the video its good and in? History I got an A* and I’m working my way to a doctorate so yeah…

  14. 11para11more11

    lol really well customer goods doesn’t exactly make sense does it now? never the? less the video helped.

  15. MrDrhodes2012

    Nope…I meant customer? goods but nice try
    try playing the game again next week 🙂
    regardless, I hope you enjoyed the video

  16. 11para11more11

    costumer goods ^^ I think you mean consumer? 😛

  17. broadies5

    omg thank you soooo much helped me out so much got my history gcse tomorrow :)?

  18. Tom Guindy

    yup, my teacher showed us this >.

  19. mrzakouch rider

    i? believe i did well i used alot of key words and my answers were detailed i’ll get my results next week i’ll update you.

  20. MrDrhodes2012

    How did your exam go??

  21. mrzakouch rider

    ha? exam on monday gonna get a “A”

  22. MrDrhodes2012

    AWESOME! Im glad its good enough to show? in a class room 😀

  23. aixion

    My teacher? showed this in a classroom too 🙂

  24. djrodas11

    @MrDrhodes2012 Am reffering to buying American products? and supporting America.

  25. MrDrhodes2012

    What are you referring? to?