The Best Thing You Can Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Collapse of Our Civilization

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This video is about what I think is the best way you can prepare yourself and your family for the coming economic collapse.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “The Best Thing You Can Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Collapse of Our Civilization”

  1. CreativeConscious00

    Religion has its place in human civilization. Always will.?

  2. Lando Fields

    You sound ignorant when it comes to atheism. Just because you don’t believe in a god doesn’t mean you can’t be spiritual. I don’t have any strongly? held beliefs and I see that as an advantage. As an agnostic atheist I have developed the ability to accept new ideas objectively and thus more productively. Having to constantly tailor your deeply held religious beliefs to fit the world into the box you’ve been sold is a disease. Embrace the chaos! Don’t presume to know what you can’t possibly prove.

  3. starmanskye

    The depth of your muddled-thinking fixation is an obsessional befuddlement that goes deeper & deeper, isn’t it? FYI, prepper philosophy isn’t about ‘hiding’, OK? Its about being prudent, real & motivated to lessen dependence on gov & economic system that exploits people & which is dysfunctional, emphasizing corporate ownership & control via neoliberal Privatized Profits & Socialized Costs. Preppers are more self-reliant & have greater direct connection w/? the land & their community of neighbors.

  4. starmanskye

    This comment is a perfect example of confused muddled-thinking Sophist ‘reasoning’ predicated on severely flawed assumptions & inability to get beyond one’s fond biases. There’s NOTHING about society that will facilitate a utopian ideal of ‘Independence’ – I doubt the poster can even articulate what he means. The facile ‘criticism’ isn’t even consistent, accusing preppers of self-interest while bemoaning suggestions for social organization based on mutual-interest,? cooperation & shared values.

  5. starmanskye

    VERY WELL said. GREAT distillation of some key aspects of psychosocial-spiritual-philosophical dynamics underlying the human condition w/ particular emphasis on suggestions for meeting the crisis of our fumbling misdirection & distracted over-reach at humanity’s current evolutionary crossroads. Very insightful overview of how society’s unmoderated greed, vanity & ego led to our subject domination by avaricious mercantile interests c/o unscrupulous ‘leaders’ enslaving us w/ dogma of war &? debt.

  6. starmanskye

    WoW – What IS it w/ people like you that have such a hardon for people sharing their ideas & suggestions about dealing w/ impending ‘reality’ of our dysfunctional gov & economy you mock &? begrudge something as simple & straightforward as a 22 minute video? You ‘laugh’ that people prepping for common-sense practical alternatives to sudden changes & disruptions in a non-static, dynamic universe NOT under mankind’s perfect control aren’t scurrying-around like methhead chipmunks burying acorns 24-7?


    What? I hear here is “you should sacrifice yourself for the collective good”. Which is fine and dandy unless you consider that you’re putting others before yourself when in fact yourself is all you REALLY have. Is a life of misery worth living to make others “happy” when in fact you have no ability whatsoever to create happiness for others and no one who RELIES upon others is every really truly happy because basic human nature is independence?


    Encouragement and experiences? I hear neither in this video.? Have a nice day.


    All “money” is? made up financial garbage. At least to most people it is. People that actually work for a living regard it differently. And by “work for a living” I mean actually produce things and build things and make things and otherwise provide valuable goods and services. If you sit behind a desk all day, you’re not producing anything. If you “produce” records or TV shows or edit books or whatever you’re not making anything. If you’re an “artist” you’re not building anything.


    It’s not a “system” that does those things or you. It’s PEOPLE. I’m well aware that? a lot of self-centered yahoos out there are dumb enough to believe that food comes from the grocery store and water comes from a faucet or bottle but I’m here to tell you that PEOPLE are providing you with those things. Instead of hoarding supplies you might think about LEARNING those skills you lack and first and foremost learn some humility and realize that blue-collar people in flyover country keep you alive.


    I don’t know if it’s ever occurred to anyone else that those that are going to go hide in a bunker in case of emergency are intentionally backing themselves into a corner or not but it has sure occurred to me. It takes about 2 minutes with a portable welder to ensure that someone living in? a bunker with a steel door will NEVER get out… Nothing like building your own tomb for “protection”.


    I’ve never found that hiding from something ever makes a bad situation better. It usually makes it worse because the bad situation is compounded by the worry about what’s going to happen when you can longer hide from it. Those hiding in holes during a SHTF scenario may find themselves all alone when they come out? of hiding. Even if there are plenty of other survivors who worked together to overcome adversity instead of hiding from it. But that’s just my opinion.

  13. pocketsofthefuture

    My husband’s wish is to share encouragement and experiences with others in case they might find it of use as they attempt something that can be quite difficult. It is? hard to do both sometimes but his desire to share information and perspective keeps him going. Leslie


    I laugh at these people? that are so concerned about and busy preparing for impending disaster they have time to make and post YouTube videos about it…

  15. Br. Curt Beardsley

    Jesus said that the kingdom of God is at hand and? among us. So, the Kingdom of Heaven is already here. We just need to have a change of heart and mind so we can see it. It will put us into a state of mind and heart that will keep us steady no matter what happens. The Divine within us will help us to trust that all will be well, eventhough it doesn’t outwardly seem manifest. Change our hearts and our mind will change as well. See with hearts of love.

  16. pocketsofthefuture

    Thank you for? your kind comment.

  17. ronthegreat75

    Look at history one of the biggest differences now is we believe now that we have the answers for every question under the sun.? When truth is we don’t even know the right questions to ask!

  18. ronthegreat75

    This is just my opinion but I look and read things? about history and it seems from my understanding of things the world hasn’t much changed they had selfishness and weakness since the beginning of time I think pople notice and think of it more because tv an news focuses and rewards people for doing wrong! Just think of this when’s the last time we celebrated someone doing right or put on the new about young volunteers helping the elderly but we do reward the killers and robbers with there momen

  19. ohlolololololollol

    History shows us that? it WILL happen, but our life span is very short. There are definitely more signs now that there is something on the horizon then there was previously though. That bomb shelter etc may come in handy yet.

  20. James Moore

    Great video…Although I do not agree at all with evolution… The Lord is real? and true and will make a new earth for us as it is written… Me and my father were just discussing this yesterday about all the prepping in the world can burn to the ground in a day… Yet, I prep, and prepare myself spiritually, physically, and mentally for whatever happens..

  21. luckysaint48

    very good info


  22. James Hershey

    Well said and thank you for constructive? comment. One must study disasters such as Fukagima, the tsunami at Indonesia, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and Andrew. Studying these terrible events, I have made a supply shed of essentials rotating inventory keeping all in good order set for an extended period
    Folks say be ready to bug out. Living in the S.W. earthquake country there is no place to ‘bug out’ to. Best to be supplied and hunker down. At least I sleep better at night.

  23. pocketsofthefuture

    I really like your comment and I also wonder at times at how close the collapse actually is. But the thought always comes to me that the we have already collapsed morally, physically, spiritually. The human being itself has? collapsed so how far off can our systems collapse be?

  24. James Hershey

    When I was a child in? the mid 50’s my dad’s best friend moved to Oregon to escape the pending nuclear holacost. In the early 60’s my dad made a fallout shelter in our back yard. In the 70’s my friend moved to Wyoming certain the hords from the inner city were going to run amok. I’m patiently waiting for the end of everything.

  25. Jade Mezz

    Good? info


    Why bother? .. after the shit hits the fan
    money is going to be worth SHIT
    Is going to be cheaper to wipe your ass with money
    than to buy toilet paper

  27. MrGchiasson

    I can’t remember the last time I heard ‘good’ economic news from anybody.
    Sometimes the MSM stooges will infer something hopeful…but that’s a joke.
    I heard this warning. What irritates me is that the government warned the major banks but said nothing to the American people. It’s OUR money. We’ll be locked out of our accounts if there is a ‘banking holiday’.. The ATMs could be shut down and we won’t have? access to our money. Thanks Gov’ for thinking about the American people first. Uh huh..

  28. PHXie

    I’m not in precious metals to get? rich. I’ve always been a value investor. Precious metals are undervalued. I have far more confidence in precious metals maintaining the value of my wealth than I do in the stock market or any other type of investment out there right now. When the fiat currency collapses, I will be fine. And, no, I didn’t have or need a broker to make my PM acquisitions.

  29. PHXie

    Of course the credit unions are at risk of bank runs. That’s why I only keep enough money in there to cover about a month’s worth of bills 😉 With a credit union, I do have some insulation from the heists that the big banks and Wall Street keep pulling on their customers. The govt, multi-national corps and banking industry have raped America. I heard? a statistic somewhere the other day that the value of Americans’ retirement savings have decreased to about 60% of their pre-2008-crash value.

  30. tarun uppal

    thanks? for reply

  31. Jean-Luc Picard

    That was my first impulse since I already have significant pm holdings in amounts to pay off the 2nd. Thanks for the confirmation? from a pro!

  32. Gregory Mannarino

    Refinance the loan first, these rates are not going to last. With the? money you save you can get PM. Thanks, Greg.

  33. Jean-Luc Picard

    Greg I just took a loan on my 401 to pay my second mortgage so I can refinance my first at 2.8% down from 5.625%. Having second thoughts about doing it and considering taking that loan to? increase my physical gold and silver holdings. Do u think I should do the later at the risk of interest rates rising after the imminent meltdown?

  34. vincentyeo88

    during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 to 1998, Malaysia kicked out George Soros (the culprit caught short selling the currency of Malaysia) and all? IMF bankers from the country.

    Soros was banished forever!

  35. demensha23

    Stay? liquid, as well as frosty..

  36. Gregory Mannarino

    Hello. I did a video on libor a while back, please check my channel however perhaps I will do a new updated one. I do not believe a collapse will happen before the elections but after that..we shall? see. Thanks, Greg.

  37. tarun uppal

    hi greg from india another good video. india? rupee is underattack continously decline against usd . like 2008 15 sep lehman brother bankruptcy do u think another major crash will happen at the end of october? also i request u to make a video on”LIBOR SCANDAL”.THANKS for ur prudent and wise videos

  38. videodude123XYZ

    Greg, I love reading the dialogue between yourself and “duckvision” and others. Some of it is over my head,? but I see it as a learning opportunity. Your responses further demonstrate your knowledge of our corrupt system as well as your passion to help us escape it. Thank you!

  39. M.S. Taylor

    Off topic – maybe not. Russia has just in the last week issued arrest warrants for George Sorros? for crimes as an economic terrorist and has labeled him as such. Interesting ay??

  40. M.S. Taylor

    B of A holds 75 Trillion in derivatives, Chase holds 93 Trillion and I feel they are trying to pawn off these derivatives on the American People. I feel this warning to Banks are a means to step it up as they know this new easing want? have the effects as the past ones as you have clearly shown through the charts. Bunch of Horse Thieves, and we all remember the punishment of horse thieves.

  41. MaximusRising

    Well, it doesn’t get much clearer than this, does it? Here we have the government owned? media telling us the economy is going to collapse. Of course, the banks will fail. They’re supposed to, but bank failure, in this sense, means that they will fail for us. Get ready. You are about to have everything taken from you.

  42. Boston Blackie

    Banks are going to fail? That is like saying the mob is going out of business because they’re over extended. Bankers will just find someone else to rob. They have the backing of the Federal Reserve. In 2008 the Fed funneled $10-$15 TRILLION under the table? to Wall St. How can they possibly fail? That’s like saying a counterfeiter is losing money. Sure their books will show a funding shortage like in 2008, but the books are all cooked anyways. It is all electronic digits that are easily changed.

  43. Gregory Mannarino

    You are very welcome.? Thanks, Greg.

  44. FreedomRingsToday

    Thanks for the great? info!

  45. VeriSheri

    Buy? from a reputable firm, you won’t have this problem. APMEX, SilverTowne, Provident Metals, etc

  46. Gregory Mannarino

    Silver is going to rise to its true value.? thanks, Greg.

  47. wwwTotalCollapseCom

    Collapse is here!!!

    Total Collapse .? com

  48. livewire3338

    Hey Greg another great video blog ,, what effect with this have on the silver price ? and silver in general and what time frame are we looking at as this plays? out?

  49. ziger123456

    YES! I could only withdraw $3000 a week, no more!? This happened in 2010 so it was already being implemented.