The Biggest Event Of The Year, The Economic Collapse — Episode 48

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In this report we will talk about the latest news regarding the economic collapse. What will be the biggest event this year, well as everyone knows it will b…

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7 Responses to “The Biggest Event Of The Year, The Economic Collapse — Episode 48”

  1. douglas chapin

    kind of a dark message

  2. 1940Katyn

    24:00 Nuke attack like in the movie Jericho? lol

    In the movie it was the hard “right wing” that controlled the DHS and they blamed the Nukes on Iran and N Korea.. lol

    It was? the right wingers that wanted to take over America… Not Jews or Commies but hard right wingers.. lol

    Wonder who produced that movie?

  3. 1940Katyn

    I like the reference? at 19:00.

    So what’s the difference today? I think back then there was a racial unity. While no one wants to talk about race today it is the 800lb gorilla in the room.

  4. 1940Katyn

    While I agree with your narrative? I think the time line is much further down the road then what one may anticipate..

    For example how much longer do you believe they will be able to pump and prop up this stock market?

  5. X22Report

    You are absolutely right about Amazon.?

  6. NHPreppah

    I’ve been listening to you since your first few posts.? I agree and enjoy almost everything. Please be careful with facts. You said Amazon sales “Plummeted” That is factually WRONG! Their sales went UP, significantly actually. What came down is their margin and profitablilty. Which means as consumers we should be thanking Jeff Bezos for giving us the best possible price! He basically flipping off his stockholders to reward his customers! I still love your posts! Thanks for doing what you do!

  7. Randy Albert

    Great job and I’m counting on you to tell us? when it’s time to get out of town…