The Coming economic collapse and what you can do to prepare

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I am convinced that we are headed for an economic collapse; some of the things I have to say may be a surprise to many of you my subscribers but I want you t…
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25 Responses to “The Coming economic collapse and what you can do to prepare”

  1. bobtank1961

    Great job. Thank you very much ! Long live the? republic!

  2. TPStinger17

    World War 3,? Civil War, and a new Revolution will all happen within the next 25 years. Mark my words.

  3. Morepullups

    This was a major help! Thank you sir,? God bless.

  4. 52tantar

    Yes, I also agree, very informative, thank you.?

  5. rustyshackleford1978

    I respect your freedom of speech so I hope you respect mine when I say you know very little but pretend to know a lot. If you had read or listened to his e novel The Walls Came Tumbling Down, then you would know just how valuable anyone with combat training much less actual combat experience will be in any kind of SHTF scenario. They will be your leaders and will serve? as teachers and trainers of the sustainable groups from being pillaged and plundered by the douchebag I’ll take what i need.

  6. Appalachian Stillhunter

    I beg to differ. His military experience will be extremely useful come SHTF time,in fact it may well be the factor that decides his? fate and those around him.I’m a little envious of what MP has done up there.You say he better adapt? Clearly he has.And is! Long live the Republic.

  7. Appalachian Stillhunter

    grow some patience! the advice given? is well worth the hour!

  8. cheesewhiz999

    very informative. thanks?

  9. MississippiJarhead

    Sounds like the route to go…don’t feed the trolls.?

  10. Adam Jankos

    I want to listen but you narrative is killing me. Only made? it 3 min in.

  11. Frederick46M

    People have tons of economic problems, the crisis is nowhere near over. Politicians should have the good sense to turn to people who are capable of facing the problems related to the economic crisis, that is to say specialists in the economic crisis like the Orlando Bisegna? Index from New York, who have created real anticrisis solutions made to measure over small areas of the territory, solving problems of bumpy public finances, unemployment and low income.

  12. Trailblazer NZ

    Lol…I won’t talk about the federal reserve because it isn’t federal…..and ahhh it has no reserve….you must be one of the ten americans that know this… it, it ain’t jus the US that will collapse but virtually the whole world….I believe that’s part of the plan and then the RFID implant and the? beginning of the end. Very good exposé and advice.

  13. Furryboots72

    add?? try firefox with NoScript addon, i never have? adds EVER :p

  14. randclan4

    Maineprepper, I like your series of videos….however, your debt to GDP chart is incorrect. Our Debt/GDP ratio is currently in excess of 100% when one factors in unfunded liabilities,? it is off the charts. .

  15. deadeyedink

    Where do you live ? If you live in the US look at Detroit if you think everything is prospering so well, Are the farmers prospering ?,The Gun’s and Ammo industry is doing great also that’s people getting ready for dumb asses like you who will be trying to steel or kick your door in because your starving but in my case you will never make it make anywhere close to my mountain top because I can see a long way(+) Go Ahead MP make um look like the crooks they? are

  16. NJalltheway2010

    I am sorry to hear you had an accident. But I had to? add you because I like your in depth analysis into what is happening into the economy. Aside from food do you invest into other assets?

  17. redsands09

    I wonder if Walmart is guilty of that fraud. Over half of their employees are on some form of? public assistance.

  18. gchenley

    Good video, thank? you for taking the time to make it. Sound advice.

  19. Libertys Son


  20. dakippins

    What fuckin collapse ? The world is prospering. Preciuos metals are falling to shit. The collapse industry is one o the? growth industries

  21. 1sidecross

    James Wood

    You are correct on our ‘warmonering’.

    Vietnam and Korea are hardlly even mentioned today not to mention all the Spec-Ops that changed who? we wanted to govern other countries.

  22. SustenanceNCovering

    Is it just me, or does everyone else watching this video, suddenly have the urge? to take a Gay vacation?

    The add for this video has me actually ROFLing. It’s as if they are saying the end is near. Eat Drink and be Merry.

  23. Joseph Huntington

    What was? the program you used to show the flip sheets with text? Thanks!

  24. twinny0731

    …Never? Boring, Maineprepper, best advice, as always. I only wish more people were aware of our real current situation. We might be able to come out on the other end of this a little bit better than we are likely to now. I’m very worried about our future and the future of my young adult children and nieces and nephews. Their futures are going to be very difficult, I hope I can inspire them to find happiness in the simple things in life.

  25. James Wood

    Right. Everyone knows that these costs are paid for with good-will and hugs. We all also know that we of course have not been in a nearly constant state of distant foreign warfare for almost 4 decades. After all Vietnam wasn’t even a war so it doesn’t count. And I’m sure we will find those weapons? of mass destruction any day now. I suppose you will also tell me that we don’t spend more on warmongering than the next 15 countries combined. . .

    James – fiscal conservative (a real one)