The Crash of 1929 & The Great Depression (PBS) 5of6

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It was a time when the stock market epitomized the false promise of permanent prosperity.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Crash of 1929 & The Great Depression (PBS) 5of6”

  1. e antar


  2. PersistentPatriot

    The real killing is made during and after the “crash”

  3. InstTaxSolutionsLLC

    It seems that many lost confidence and that prompted the mass sell off.

  4. jandno

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  5. Wouter Tomme

    Crash of 1929 The Great Depression Part 5 / 6

  6. KRISTI Davis

    @unreal22000 Oh a mirror image of today. People need to really watch these
    Video clips. I feel we are 3yrs or less of another great depression. Of
    course I don’t believe Obama will be re-elected. People really feel the
    next president can save us or do better. The damage has been done, we could
    end up with the very same party that was in power today that was in place
    back then. As they say HISTORY repeats.

  7. Michael Francisconi

    Our only is and always was the public sector.

  8. devided1001

    I don’t c how they caused it but i can c where ur coming from i think u
    mean they have contributed to making the situation worsen but the free
    market has the ppl wanting to participate & ppl participated in this
    current mess. Now ppl starting to think about refusing to participate at
    all. & the bankers again want to help the market again, they are just not
    sure how to get ppl to partake in anything other than the most boring
    existence possible where they don’t want to use any medium of exchange

  9. Randall Beck

    @6:15 Markets top when there are no more buyers, markets bottom when there
    are no more sellers, Rule #1

  10. Chris88895

    I’d say overvaluation and then the realization of that overvaluation,
    concomitant with the existence of very real human emotions such as fear and
    panic, cause a crash. Sure, a bank (whether investment or commercial)
    relies on activity in financial markets (and the “real” economy) to
    prosper. So yeah, that makes a ton of sense they’d want to kill off that
    activity and thus the essence of their business model(s).

  11. zx6me1983

    llok at the mitcheel crook who cant even look anyone in the eye.

  12. Scott Clements

    The bottom line is productive work is the only way to wealth. Trading
    pieces of paper and owning % of a title does not produce anything. If
    everyone did a days real work the result would be something of value. If we
    all sat around trading pieces of paper we would have nothing but pieces of

  13. ASexyChef

    Sorry public works was not the only thing, but it was a huge thing that
    gave people jobs, and you need to fix this country, we spent more than a
    trillion in just Iraq, I am sorry that trillion would of been far better
    used fixing roads and updating the power grid, and if your too stupid to
    grasp the government, need to or states need to reinvest in themselves, fix
    things, the best time to do allot of it, is when people need jobs, well
    than your just too ignorant to debate with.

  14. James Margraff

    Hey McD friends… Stop reading comments and pay Attention!!!!!!

  15. TheSchisis

    That’s because the collapse of the dollar is mathematically inevitable.
    This paradigm will fail; there is no stopping it. All that can be done is
    postpone it for a little longer.

  16. z0nt21

    Yeah, this is the best time to endeavor on grandiose public works –
    infrastructure. Great times indeed, when you can hire a lot of people for a
    loaf of bread, slave labour effectively. Something to be proud of, eh,
    SexyChef? 😉

  17. HorseRancher92

    hmmmmmmmmm simular

  18. Chris88895

    The reality is that being able to buy and sell equity in a corporation
    enables that corporation to have much more reliable and liquid sources of
    raising capital and expanding. How do people produce something? Somebody
    has to save resources first, to forego consumption in the present to reap
    the rewards of production in the future. You don’t seem to understand the
    necessity of money/capital markets as it relates to the production of
    tangible goods/services.

  19. peacefulmind12

    THE BANKERS CAUSED the 1929 crash on purpose. Now they are doing it again.

  20. TheSchisis

    Public works will not and would not have fixed our problem.

  21. devided1001

    I don’t see the optimism of what was in 1939? This doesn’t show a time
    before a hyper inflation. Instead it shows a time before a deflationary
    depression. I feel this time is different in that people are running around
    like trying to go faster to make enough money if each particular person has
    the opportunity of jobs. But i c people going no where & it would b handy
    to see what was happening before a hyper inflation because it’s looking
    more like that type of scenario.pointless unless default

  22. Albert J. Nguy?n

    You sound like that antagonist from the movie ‘5th Element’.

  23. devided1001

    I’m c’ing things so differently that while there information/education is
    something but unfortunately I don’t think its gona b helpful cause right
    now even the system thats operating isn’t receiving support from pple &
    worse than that pple r more & more not wanting to support any system. They
    are giving up instead of purchasing precious metals & thats why precious
    metal prices aren’t rising, so no cycle operating because people refuse to
    participate i c forced revaluing no participants

  24. KRISTI Davis

    @philthy122 Well put I could not agree more, and considering what we are
    seeing now with wall street, and the total global economics. I really
    believe people with half a brain should see these videos. It is kinda of a
    mirror image what we are seeing today.

  25. z0nt21

    Public spending ended the Great Depression? LOL It was the War that wiped
    out millions of idle labour, and the fact that U.S. had to rebuild Europe
    post facto. Clearly, ‘public’ doesn’t work, and since you’re probably
    straight out of a public school, you have no distinction between a
    preposition (‘of’) and an auxiliary verb (‘have’); also you are =/= your.
    But that’s an ad hominem on my part, so nevermind. LOL