The Easy Find Lids Family of Food Storage Products

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A few nice food storage images I found:

The Easy Find Lids Family of Food Storage Products
food storage
Image by Rubbermaid Products
The Easy Find Lids food storage system consists of Produce Saver, Lock Its, Easy Find Lids & Premier

Nesting Boxes/Food storage framed, floored and roofed.
food storage
Image by thievingjoker
Was out for half the day, so I only got as far as building the frame, floors and roof for the nesting boxes and the food storage.

Tomorrow I’ll finish the last of the framing (somebody decided today they want the areas I was going to fill in with mesh to be siding instead. So I’ll have to build in a little triangular frame in those two spots now.)

Then the siding starts! Whee!

Food Storage
food storage
Image by Earthworm
Food storage as a way of life, complete with recipes on cooking from scratch. Also a comprehensive manual for all aspects of emergency preparedness as far as what to have on hand.

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If a natural disaster or economic collapse occurs:

* The 1st food item that will fly off the shelf
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