The Economic Collapse For Dummies

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Why has the Department of Homeland Security recently ordered a total of 1.2 billion bullets, the majority of which are hollow points and buckshot? What are they preparing for? Civil war? Economic Collapse? A combination of the two? These kinds of bullets are not used for target practice. ———- Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Get weekly email updates: If you support our work please consider making a donation: ———- Sources: 450 million rounds purchased by DHS earlier this year: Purchase order for additional 750 million rounds of ammunition Backup link to download the purchase order from my site: Obama promises gun control action early next year Top economist say US economy is in a death spiral that may end civilization as we know it: DHS to use drones over US territory: NDAA 2013 passes with indefinite detention still intact QE3 has already Failed: QE4: Toxic assets still on the books: The size of the derivatives bubble: Operation Fast and Furious: Obama used executive privilege to protect Eric Holder:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

49 Responses to “The Economic Collapse For Dummies”

  1. Zxxpro

    Hey? guys, a complete family survival guide available here if anyone has an interest:

  2. nomoreserfs

    We currently? have QE idefinitely. Enough said.

  3. craig stewart

    i sure like to know the lodgic behind having the music blaring,when there talkin,,i think you spoil the video,,and loose some peoples interest?

  4. Alec Mowat

    Why not? They have no? rent or mortgage, and you are assuming they will remain single and unemployed for a decade. They won’t be a “Child” in 10 years. You are assuming that everyone is leaving the workforce, and 30 year old grow men are going to live in the basement of the retirement home…. Silly.

  5. gsr10

    A nested child cannot spend the amount of money of their two parents combined. (that is, if they have two? parents)

  6. Skibum Willy

    In “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on youtube, a simple rule tweak on an inheritance cap ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern? human life! It’s something specific we can demand. Are we really just this close to having it work right? Watch “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” (“Occupying Chairlifts” 5.0) then sign the petition, and share it!!

  7. Cyrus992

    Silver, other hard assets, make or sell anything related? to commodities..

    See my channel for more help.. Good luck!

  8. Richard Mcneil

    Starve or steal I? guess….

  9. Terrance Cole

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  10. Gold Bullion

    Great video. You might want to check? out this one? as well:

  11. capricious71


  12. Alec Mowat

    Wooo… the individuals purchasing power may drop, but the child enters the work force, spending just as much as the parent originally did, and generally lives with their? parents and has less expenses. That’s missleading. Even if the boomers stop spending and leave the workforce, the smaller generation will compensate with education, technology and higher salaries.

  13. hstone39

    For people that think I won’t survive a economic collapse, you better think again. When SHTF I’m still going to be around with God’s help when all of this happens. Ya’ll putting a lot of people at risk by? playing games. Everybody may be focusing on me but don’t see other people or other families who are being hurt or gonna get hurt by your foolish activity. This is not a game or a movie. When people die, they are not getting back up when the cameras stop rolling. This is for real.

  14. CollectingSilver


  15. TheAmericanoverkills

    What good is going to be for the little guy and gal to be holding a small stash of gold/silver. What he is talking about is for the benefit of those who? are planning to make a big profit from the collapse. The average US worker is actually the productive class. Unfortunately, if you are productive, it doesn’t mean you get the fruits of your hard work (at least not in the future).

  16. Damenblack

    Silver is a very inexpensive right now. Try visiting your local pawn stores and searching their silver coins. Your looking for Troy? Ounces, and nothing plated.

  17. gmilliron79

    Can you say ” man made natural disaster “??

  18. gmilliron79

    So what do you do if you? cant afford gold..?

  19. DesecrateConformity

    Malthusian musings returning? You mustn’t forget that, though Malthus is most well-known for his theory of population and demographics, he also theorized about the possibility of a general glut, along with Sismondi. A deflationary spiral is analogous to a general glut, which is what Malthus argued was? possible 200 years ago. Malthus will always come back to haunt us…

  20. kkevin369

    Music is too loud?

  21. SilentNight65

    Honestly this? music makes it ten times better.

  22. rush N god

    fake? and gay

  23. Jim Andrews

    People need to wake up to the? truth. I got a simple song that sums it up…
    Let’s get the message out there!

  24. TheQuite1walksalone

    I wish I could afford to live in a cave. There is? some bad Mo-Jo coming our way!

  25. Skibum Willy

    In “Occupying Chairlifts” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded for cooperating and creating instead of competing and? conquering.
    It’s something specific we can demand. If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. Are we really just this close to having it work right?
    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie! “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  26. Kevin Tasich

    The issue at hand is way deeper than just in the U.S. The global economic crash has been engineered to create civil unreast so governments can justify taking over everything via martial law. They will kill anyone and everything in their path in order to create their New World Order (if thats what you want to call it). The average citizen is expendable and insignificant to their plans. There is only 1 reason period for DHS to stock up on ammo. All I can? say is be prepared!!!!!

  27. plasater

    This is correct, FMJ (non hollow points) are only used for wars. Also, U.S. Gov wouldn’t go? to war with china. Maybe the American People might get attacked by China since they pretty much own us (our debt) now. but the Government (like always) will get off scott free.

  28. Andy H

    Im english and my research seems to point to the rothchilds having a soft spot for england, the queen, churchill and rothy are freemasons, we gave him israel and made them lords,? gotta count for something haha

  29. Andy Day

    it’s horrible, such a frightening mess, I’m in Wales, Uk. out in the country,small but resourceful little village. I’ve built a yurt, lot of wood about and have some hierloom seeds and a pair of hands, i’ve been downloading and printing off all kinds of survival books and healing books. Will i survive….haha,proberbly not but I’ll have a warm? dry place before the storm troopers come. Never been very violent but fuck it, come through my yurt door and you’ll be tasting my little axe. oh boy!

  30. Andy H

    it not that, its the fact that he national debt has got past the point of being able to? pay the interest, let alone the debt, so what they gonna do? borrow more. and more countries refuse the dollar because its fiat currency, just printed out without any structure. They know for a fact this will cause global economic collapse. Anyone going to a bank for cash will get nothing, old folk, disabled will go hungry and cold, this is why they want the guns. Its rothchilds zionism and its evil

  31. Andy Day

    I agree with you, It’s not like…… we’ve only got one field of wheat this year instead of the usual four..we’ll all have to survive on alot lest but we’ll be ok. They see it as the lack of wheat isn’t the problem it’s that the people expect to eat OUR wheat. We’ll use them to harvest it and? make the bread and then we’ll fuck them off.
    This has always been their way. They won’t change….We must. Their power comes from us giving them ours. I seethed too, really scarery isn’t it.

  32. brekavac011

    I spent 33 months in Chicago and traveled? across U.S.A ,so i did meet so many different ppl.And to resume it , i can say for sure ..Americans are so good ,but in essence naive ppl.”four bullets for every man, woman, and child”???if anyone swallow? this ,that just prove my statement.What civil war?who against who?government ,and 53 % obama voters vs 43 % republicans?south vs north?cmmon ppl dont be sucked to it ,use some portions of a brain and dont trust all sensational looking shit.

  33. brekavac011

    EPIC? FAIL idd ,Amen!

  34. Andy H

    I dont think the government are heading in that direction or the obama speech wouldnt of carried on convincing his sheep america is still great and pushing the? american dream, this would stir up more hatred through deception once it became clear it was bs, the government are selling lies and not wavering an inch, no warning of hardship when they know for a fact it is certain. i was seething to see millions cheer him. This is pure Evil, how will they look their children in the eyes?

  35. Andy H

    im not sure the conventions will matter as much when a civil war is looming or? any laws at all

  36. Andy Day

    Would this planet survive another fourty years if the economy is succesful. I think global
    depression is proberbly the most? powerful thing that could come along to save our planet and spieces. Not nice but essential.

  37. mws123

    The key to any war is the break down of? your enemies communication, So when telephone and the interenet go down, that is when it will start.

  38. LibertyorDeath777


  39. Piranhaxz

    I didn’t understand what was going on with Gun Bans, Ndaa etc.. until? yesterday.. Agenda 21 search youtube.. Now it all makes sense.. our government and local government.. are following it.. it’s compartmentalized. So most locals? don’t understand. Explains why people are getting arrested for gardens, helping deer etc..

  40. Taylor Martin

    My father works for the Department of Homeland Security and he said they? were purchased because that organization arms it’s own agents. They don’t have their own security guards although he and his co-workers themselves do not carry firearms on the job.

  41. ancestralblue

    Are they preparing for war?Of course they are.What we focus on expands.There is a pathological force running this country and the rest of the world. BUT,we have more power in our pinkies than we have ever known about. We’ve been LIED? to via the educational and authoritarian systems. The powers WANT a war and they’ll bait the people to get it. READ THE KYBALION.It’s within your power to negate this nonsense without firing a shot.It comes under the heading of torsion physics.That’s what they fear.

  42. IronHorse2007

    I know some things, read my first sentence. just? change the dot to .

    look up huffington “liberal” post for russian & US troops training together, small group but they are here training. We have trained together several times but first time in the US.

    h t t p : / / w w w dot acc dot af dot mil/news / story dot asp ? id =123117650

    h t t p : / / w w w dot militaryaircraft dot de / pictures / AFB-Holloman / AFB-Holloman dot h t m l

  43. Billy Bob Mirango

    My understanding is that terrorists (Taliban and El Queda) are not? not standing armies therefore the US/NATO doesn’t need to subscribe to the Geneva Convention. My understanding is they are allowed to use hallow points on them

  44. chronic tokers

    Where are you getting this information? about foreign troops on our soil?

  45. threepercenter03

    “four bullets for every man, woman, and child”… double tap is taught for tactical shooting. Which gives them plenty of rounds to wage war with… after a while, they must believe the populace will grow tired of fighting for our? freedom, surrender, and the extra ammo will be surplus for the future. EPIC FAIL

  46. Jay Stimson

    Wake? up.

  47. davidmiddlekauff1974

    Your wrong. You? do use hollowpoints and buckshot for practice. Most fed. Leo agencies practice with what they carry.

  48. scorpiocat69

    My apologies for coming on so strong..Didn’t intend to tell you “what” you “needed” to do….How UN-Libertarian of me! LOL!
    As one who traveled to Tampa during the RNC, and supported? Ron Paul, I have met many who tried to start 3rd Party Bases…Most notably a former campaigner for Ralph Nader in Ca.
    She is now battling within her “local GOP” to effect change from within, much like Dr Paul has “suggested”.
    I do think we’ve gone too far over the edge, TPTB will sop at nothing to stay on top.

  49. jkd30160

    .40 S&W isn’t used by the military, they use 9mm, 5.56/.223 and .45 acp as well as .308, and .50 cal. .40 is? almost exclusivily law enforcment in this counrty. And as already said, the military can’t use hollow points.