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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)


  1. 24kGoldenRocket

    Yes Gold will not deliver anyone from the Wrath of God.

    “The Silver is mine and the Gold is mine ” declares the LORD Almighty
    Haggai 2:8

    I just happen to be? the caretaker of some of my LORD’s Treasure during my brief stint here on Earth.

    You had best read Romans 11:25-29.

    Verse 26 is quite clear…ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED. Verse 28 declares, “they are LOVED on the account of the Patriarchs.”

    Stop spewing hatred of God’s Elect, His Chosen.

    READ YOUR BIBLE. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  2. 24kGoldenRocket

    Do you really think that you will be the only person with Fish? Do you think that the prudent are ONLY Prepping with Gold? Do you think that the Rich will not have an abundance of food to sell?

    That is the problem with POOR thinking.

    I need $0.25 for a Gallon of Gasoline…a US Silver Quarter that is. That is what Gasoline costs me today per Gallon. One Silver Quarter. The price has not changed since the 1960s in terms of Silver. That’s fair.

    The rich? treat people fair.

    I will pray for you.

  3. Silver Sasquatch

    BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before? Leaving Earth

  4. Patriarch4Freedom

    lofl +1? for You

  5. Ana Dubic

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  6. mateyist

    Let them eat the Gold and shit? nuggets!!!!

  7. bahar barasto

    1 has to ask, if the $ does crash,and US has sold all their gold reserve. would US implode, causing massive strife within? or would US use its military advantage and loot/rob other countries? for their gold and silver? then who would they want to attack & rob. west already robbed Libya of their Gold reserves afew years ago. also the fall of gold price makes sense. if U want to buy real gold, sell huge amount of paper gold, drop the price,& then buy real gold.

  8. james ferrante

    Mr T knew this was coming back in? 1980.

  9. Nick Carlough

    what are they gona do throw it at us?

  10. artclecter

    my fish …oh 12? lbs of gold please

  11. artclecter

    let m eat their? gold

  12. universalmusac

    That conversation is? taken out of context and it’s a second hand story – where’s your skepticism people?

  13. Pfsif

    The last 1/2 of this was a? commercial?

  14. antoknez6913

    Smart* hahaha?

  15. antoknez6913

    Its already? over, the ones who are snart already bought up the gold!!!!

  16. Daniel Bray

    Gold is the best conductor of electricity, it is found in circuit boards of computers and iphones across the world. Research Gold and silver uses – besides? being nice looking. They use copper for cabling as its cheaper but actually not as good conductor

  17. nixymagoo

    LOL you cannot help those who cannot help themselves. That said everyone has their role to play. Those who lift their noses and bath in their ignorance will be those who? are tearing apart each other in the street when all there wealth valued only in the digital world gets drained? away and into the account of a banker or a wealthy elite who is smart enough to trade those digits for precious metals and have done for generations. Recession and depression is nothing more than transfer of wealth

  18. Stojanbugarin

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  19. literaturesurvey

    JEWS BOUGHT all the GOLD & SILVER to CREATE FAKE POVERTY..WORLD=G20+Obama+ Putin+China++ will make a NEW MONEY system, backed by REAL WEALTH=Grain, Oil, Tech, … & they’ll declare Gold & Silver WORTHLESS: Ultimately God WILL WIPE OUT ISRAEL like Sodom
    Ezekiel 7:19 They’ll THROW their SILVER into streets & their gold will be treated as unclean.Their silver & gold wont deliver? them in the day of God’s WRATH. It wont? fill their stomachs 4 it has caused them to stumble into SIN=CRIME

  20. MrJintensive

    Useless? Then why do people love? it!

  21. T8official8T

    When the dollar crashes, the last thing on my mind will be more money or? gold. The health and security of my family and friends will be my only priority. And if we live through it all, I’ll never pay a single red cent in Taxes ever again.

  22. silver john

    sure there is if gold is valued at $20000 and silver at $2000 an oz? and copper at $50 an oz back that to the world reserve currency then back the rest of the world currency with the worlds reserve simple

  23. AR McM

    well i tell ya. if the world goes to poo and an all that, how long do you think any kind of money is going to be worth anything?!?! like shite ppl they kept gold and died? underground, we all stored food an guns… be good to thy neighbour.

  24. luvcheney1

    Beauty is probably the most, or? close to it? of the qualities giving it value. Most of it goes to jewelry and investment. Not so much industry, although it can be made into extremely thin wire, its flexible, and doesnt corrode, conducts electricity.