The Federal Reserve Is Not Currently Forecasting An Economic Collapse — Episode 142

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25 Responses to “The Federal Reserve Is Not Currently Forecasting An Economic Collapse — Episode 142”

  1. Rose K

    Yeah and what happens when the value of gold/silver plummets again. A bunch
    of people took that advice years ago and lost money.

  2. Gorr Warrior

    Wow is that where all the fiat money is born? You know, that money that has
    nothing backing it but pretty paper thingies? Wow, that’s where the satan
    asshole sucking bankers butt fuck each other…. wow..I hope somebody nukes
    those pieces of shit!!!

  3. whatever

    FUCK PISSRAEL!!!! JoyofSatan . org

  4. Joseph Green


  5. Devin Chrystal

    Find a job and do what? Some people have more important things to do with
    there time like live. So you can take yo 90wk working class ass to the
    queen front porch and beg your master for some money. Broke Rich People

  6. Devin Chrystal

    check it if we attack syria it will lead to a world war. Ok when this
    happend oil will rise because of conflict in lead route for transporting
    oil all over the world. Once that happen how easy would it be to leave? We
    would be trapped and farmed re-educated and oppresses like never before. So
    we act now go to this link youtube.comwatch?v=wQC0e9E-KS­s

  7. X22Report
  8. Will Hawkins


  9. mispistoleros

    “if you are ‘nit’ with us”…as in nitwit?

  10. L Rey

    the only gold I own is my wedding ring <3

  11. QuantoZeno

    The Federal Reserve Governors are dancing on the graves of the founding

  12. S.G .Hedge

    Great video and important info. Have subbed and shared.

  13. Tanya Nagele

    Thank you for the video updates….I look forward to them every day. A
    little spoiled:) God bless you sir!

  14. Lane Xang

    I thought the economy is doing great, that’s why federal reserve plan not
    to stepping in

  15. drsmith963

    Like BUSH said… If you are nit with us – You are with the terrorist !

  16. mlong5151

    Might check out Martin Armstrong Eco post today about the Germans win 8 and
    Microsoft might explain today’s Nasdaq halt hehe

  17. Maurice Porter

    I would like to thank you for all your hard work you are appreciated!
    Please keep doing what your doing you are making a difference. I am glad to
    be able to listen to the shows great info and thanks for your service.

  18. blenkar

    Google: endzog Financial Collapse: Post-Western Destruction: China The Next
    Jewish Superpower

  19. Patiomcl

    the reality is globalization, you don’t need to justify a choice to

  20. RenegadeTimes

    Excellent report ! Love your steady voice too.

  21. KingCustoms7

    Nations sharing a cunt will never go to war. ~ Angela Merkel

  22. sparta constantine

    Haha- “ammo was hard to find”. funny, all the wanna be rambos here in
    jersey would storm the shops and walk out with 1 box of 5.56 or 9mm- and
    pay 3-4 times what its worth. Its cool though, because there will be lots
    of “never fired, dropped once” guns laying around, including loaded mags!
    Just don’t step on the bodies!!! ahahahaha

  23. mlong5151

    Hp missed earnings

  24. cassanoa

    You are so right – I automatically assume the opposite of what ever they say

  25. Luke Daniels

    thanks 22 all good videos. please keep up the great work.