The Great Depression

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A Microsoft Moviemaker Movie I made for my 9th grade students. It focuses on the effects of the Great Depression in urban and rural settings as well as the effects of the GD on African-Americans.
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91 year old cook and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simple yet delicious dishes while listening to stories from the Depression.

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49 Responses to “The Great Depression”

  1. Yanasoo

    heart touching!
    I’m really grateful? to you, I was looking for this info. thanks.

  2. Roc900

    Nice? Vid

  3. qriusgeorge

    markets wont work because humans aren’t perfect. greed is built? in. as long as whatever it is is controlled by people (be it a market or corp, it will always be distorted. you could say its natural for us to screw it up. no ones perfect.

  4. qriusgeorge

    It is now a recession. jjrglobal is right, this is the october of ’29, so wait a few months until mid-09. Next president we hope, will learn from history and not repeat what happened.?

  5. Maksat askerov

    Hey ppl! what the song or? music in this video?

  6. r8wing

    Oh I wish you were born in a communist country to see for yourself how it is like. Communism is? humanity’s worst disaster since Noah’s deluge.

  7. metalrod23

    The people of the Great Depression would laugh at the people today preaching doom and gloom.People still go to walmart,still drive their cars everywhere,and still eat till their fat. I have talked to people who lived through that time,and a lot of them had to? go out and kill their own food-armadillo,possum,and whatever birds they could catch. Compare now to then? PUULEEASE

  8. misterhayes

    no, but I got it from the library of congress. It? was taken in Detroit, Easter Sunday 1941.

    Good luck finding it.

  9. juancaralb

    Yeah, history repeats its self and history has shown that Capitalism does not work. I hope, if things? go from worse to worse, we wake up and over-turn Capitalsm and gain control over the state and the means of production. Marxism has not worked before because it has all been forced and leaders don’t like to let go of power. This is a great oppertunity to transition into something beautiful. By the way, the song is by NIN. Look at the info in the upper right hand corner.

  10. David Toney

    at 3:04 in this video there is a picture of 5 kids sitting on a car. Do? you know the name of this picture? My best friend had a picture of this in his room in college!!! Thanks!

  11. bobito3210

    this is a really good video.
    i saw it on a website, and i had to play it.

    & im glad i did? cause now i know so much more for my assignment. 5/5 stars. thanks[=

  12. misterhayes



    Also, don’t forget that the moon landing? was a hoax. It was really the gunman on the grassy knoll who was in the moon suit, didn’t get listed on the video credits….


  13. rrflood

    History? is about to repeat itself again!

  14. assault65

    any 1 know what? song this is

  15. pwnstr08

    very good video?

  16. assault65

    whats this song? called

  17. XxMaddiexKennyxX

    Oh gosh I love the music, where? is it from?

  18. translationwiz

    that was something….I mean an economic/social depression in the cities and the storms and droughts? in the country happening simultaneously..WOW.

    weirder still??? My folks told me that this wasnt a US phenomenon exclusively. That drought and poverty was rampant world wide during that era.

    the wealthiest of people went hungry in many places. It changed a lot of cities and nations.

    Still…I wonder was this global depression man made or an event w/o prevention.

  19. StewedTomato

    Good job, Mister Hayes I? will give you an A+ from one teacher to another!

  20. seobro

    The saddest thing about the depression is that the? rich did cause it by being greedy. However, it was the poor that suffered.

  21. Mojopokey

    We’re heading that way right now. Stock up on canned goods, get rid of your paper $ and exchange it for silver & gold. Don’t wait any longer.?

  22. countrygirltori

    haha my history teacher in 6th and 8th grade was named mr.? hayes. I know you are not the same person but its a funny coincidence.

  23. misterhayes

    uh, that’s? a girl. play on american gothic.

  24. norconelson

    very? sad… and great job on the making of this vid!!!

  25. TGDproductions

    Here’s A? Question:
    What would have happened if the war after that didn’t happened?

  26. myfoodieful

    Going to have to try that it? looks great.

  27. Carolyn Lee

    Thanks for your inspiration! I’ve recently started to video my 90 year old grandparents in the kitchen as well. Please check out my channel when you have time.? Thank you Miss Clara!

  28. Princesslitta Dawson

    Miss Clara, you are such a great cook. Thank for the cooking ideas I like the fact I stumbled upon your channel my grandmother is 85? and she cooks like you all the time. I call your cooking practical cooking for the ages. Good bless you Miss Clara 🙂

  29. ObeyAkao

    I was so bored so I came on to youtube and randomly typed in cooking lmfao and I just found this video and watched it cause I was bored but then it reminded me of my grandma and how she told stories and made food all at the same time ahhh memories :’),? thanks for sharing!

  30. allogenes37

    Thanks for sharing this, Clara. My mother (70 years old) still makes this recipe and I love it. Hers is a bit different. She cooks the pasta separately and doesn’t add potato but it’s essentially the same dish. My brother won’t eat? it, he calls it ‘peasant food’ lol. I love it though.

  31. Brooklyngirl1969

    how? darling! love her!

  32. jennram1

    you are a wonderful inspiration? Clara!! Thank you for sharing your memories and recipes!

  33. mss asmaa

    ?????? ???? ?? ????????? ??? ??????? ???? ???? ????? ??? ??????? ??????? ???? ??????

  34. allthingsprettytv

    SHEESH!!! SHE’S A SHARP? 91 YEAR OLD! I would’ve thought 70’s but whodathunkit! thanks for sharing!

  35. 148COOKIE

    I love you Clara! You remind me of my land lady who is 94 years old, works full-time, gardens, and cooks amazing meals. I’m always sending down food? that I’ve prepared in hopes of her reciprocating, lol!

  36. NancyToday Christmas

    Clara,? you’re such a dear!

  37. candymuffin9693

    Aww you are so cute!!!! I? wish I had a grandma lol

  38. TubeEvy

    She’s? just darling!…

  39. Jack Russel

    Great video!?

  40. ScooterLover01

    Awww,? great video Clara! Well done ;D

  41. ragoblue

    This actually looks amazing! I love this video. It’s? touching and insightful. More people should do what you do, Clara: create and educate at the same time. God bless.

  42. SaftasCookingShow

    I? love your show. God Bless you!

  43. SVTCobraNick

    Mi piace il cibo italiano.?

  44. frugalmom4


  45. creekboysmom

    i never get? tired of watching these videos. truly inspiring and everyone needs watch these.

  46. Jack Cosgrave


  47. theKenna

    this is basically how? I feel as well.

  48. TailsTheFox31

    Some old people are really mean and angry all the time, and I try to be nice? to them, cuz soon they’ll be gone for ever. Then, every once in a while, you get people like this. Great cook, a story to tell, a sense of humor (even though she isn’t funny, how can you NOT laugh at her jokes), and she has class. Not to mention her can of beans was awesome. Literally a can labeled “BEANS”?

  49. FabianWilliam

    This sounds? quite nice. I’m a student and not very knowledgeable when it comes to cooking but this looks like a simple meal that I can learn to cook, too. Thank you, Clara!