The Great Depression 6 – To be somebody

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To be somebody episode 6 (60 min.) Many Americans, struggling to survive the Great Depression, were determined to help build a better America through direct …

In this recipe Clara uses 5 lbs of flour to 2 oz. of yeast. Add room temperature water throughout process until the mixture feels like proper dough. Add touc…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

33 Responses to “The Great Depression 6 – To be somebody”

  1. PoetryMan11

    ToYucatanYanqui–If you think the facts presented in the series are wrong,
    then specify which mistakes were made. From the pro-nazi and fascist
    leanings of Henry Ford, James Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, and Avery
    Brundage, to the open segregation in ALL sections of the country towards
    Blacks, Asians, and Jews among others–this was the America of the
    1930’s.that most history books overlook.?

  2. willyD200

    And what this Country did to Joe Lewis after his serving in the military is
    a abomination ! The IRS stole every dime he made even after he helped the
    war effort by giving over complete gate take in’s from some of his boxing
    matches.. to HIS Country… Every wonder why non of this is taught in
    public education schools ? It would show the true colors of this
    Country…one that care only for the wealthy and no one else!?

  3. pederman15

    speilberg documentary? depression turns into jewlycaust? WTF??

  4. PoetryMan11

    ToPersistentPatriot–If somebody was to be put to death for a crime
    committed, the proper procedure was to have a trail and for the punishment
    to be administered by those authorities given that power–not some bunch of
    liquored-up red necks looking for some fun on a Saturday night.?

  5. willyD200

    What type of Country needs a bill passed before Congress to make lynching
    illegal ? What a disgrace this Country was and in many.many circumstances
    still is! MLK was killed because his next issue to address was
    poverty…and that scared the corporate oligarchs to death…still does! ?

  6. pederman15

    a quick look at the American gov and one would say it looks like a jewish
    wedding invitation list. gov, banks, entertainment, media. what is America
    coming to? phoney 911, false flags. continual war, patriot act, fema camps,
    fusion centres. black senator mckenny? stated one has to pledge allegiance
    to Israel when becoming a senator. WTF??

  7. rapture25z

    ..your incompetence is astounding.

  8. PersistentPatriot

    Whites didn’t lynch blacks because they didn’t have anything else to do…
    It was punishment and justice for crime

  9. MustardSeedish

    Mission accomplished!! I made this bread with our soup and it turned out
    AMAZING!! ?

  10. MustardSeedish

    Making bread with basic ingredients and no measurements? Challenge

  11. MustardSeedish

    I would love to hang out for an afternoon with someone like Clare. Such a
    precious lady.?

  12. Susan Ritter

    She is adorable. Makes me think so much of my own grandmother. I wish I had
    found these videos a long time ago.?

  13. theresa bollman

    LOve this lady so much!?

  14. Alexandria Jimenez

    Love this recipe Im definitely going to try it 🙂 ?

  15. Deathtoken h

    God I love her. ?

  16. TwilightWarrior95

    I miss you Clara 🙁

  17. forgetitpoopcrap

    this recipe is delicious. with lots of butter. it’s the best bread i’ve
    ever had. it actually kind of tastes like the host.?

  18. taralish

    She reminds me of both of my grandmothers. Love these videos.

  19. Alicen Vera

    Love love love her !!!

  20. lms1230

    Thanks for sharing little bits of your life! I would love to taste all your
    yummy recipes 🙂 I think homemade food is much better then store bought
    stuff we all eat today. Nothing beats a nice home cooked meal from your

  21. cmayers69

    Where did you live during The Depression?

  22. Mary Vee

    15 Dislikes?? Omgosh! What kinda evil persons would dislike such a sweet
    lady? :-[ I love watching Clara’s videos!!

  23. sarah hayes

    she makes me hungy i hope they put her books out in stores and dvds

  24. ruthlesz28

    we love u clara!!

  25. fancynancyjw

    At 90+ she has been doing something right, so not much need to change, me

  26. theheartofpaul

    I want to hug her. She’s so cute.

  27. charliboy15

    @garachomper737 That made no sense, but okay at least you are complimenting
    the vid in some way, I think..

  28. Luci57flavors

    My gram is in her 90’s and she always made bread / pizza / stromboli. This
    peppers and eggs video is just like my gram’s recipe except she would use
    maybe a little more eggs.

  29. thinprincess87

    @sarah Hayes her book is at bookstores and on Amazon. Her DVD is only on

  30. Caterina Herrington

    She’s so awesome! She reminds me of my Mema in Florida. 🙂

  31. catholicshiksa

    8 people had to hit dislike because their grandmas were sitting right
    beside them 🙂

  32. gw197234

    I couldn’t agree with you more! She’s such a doll and I LOVE her stories!

  33. Helena Mattsson

    What a lovely lady