The Great Depression in 10 Minutes

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A Great Depression lecture, designed for United States History classes preparing to take the NY State Regents.

Overview of the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression.
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26 Responses to “The Great Depression in 10 Minutes”

  1. culix26

    yup, totally agree. This guy wants to be negatron.

  2. Rishi Tandon

    Dude u look like Elton John ..

  3. Sallie Morrill

    Keith, awesome work. Very well laid out. And yes, min. wage has been
    stagnant for quite some time and the cost of living has been steadily
    increasing since Katrina in the south. We are also experiencing massive
    cutbacks to work hours by countless employers, but that didn’t really start
    until last year. keep up the good work.

  4. 5annent

    nice job ,well done ,thanx

  5. Mootaz Ghothbani

    You really have no idea how much you’re helping me study for my tomorrow
    American history exam !! Thanks mate 😉

  6. Keith Hughes

    @honduras166 You are right except we were fighting against Fascism not
    Communism (that comes after the war… watch Cold War Part One lecture) Any
    how, most historians agree that while the New Deal helped us survive the
    great depression without major revolution, death, etc… it was the war
    production (gov. spending…. which is what the new deal really was too)
    that got us out of the Great Depression. So technically yes you are right
    but the answer is a bit more complex. Thanks!

  7. spivackl

    In canada they had a depression to but theirs was going away by the late
    30s while ours was getting worse. did that have something to do with the
    fact they didnt have a new deal? shouldnt your perscribed solution work? at
    least occasionally? obama hasnt fixed the economy either. You’ll just say
    “it could have been worse” like a medieval doctor..”if I hadnt drained 2
    pints of blood out of you, then you’d be even sicker!” really!?! My offer
    still stands, if you want to learn the provable truth

  8. Keith Hughes

    although I took out 35k in loans too. lol #ouch

  9. lBaerdeLouisYAna

    Please explain to me how stagnant wages cause economic turmoil? Common
    sense tells me that stagnant wages are only bad if the Federal Government
    decides to inflate the dollar. And even if it is true that there were
    stagnant wages in the 20’s then why would the 20’s be referred to as the
    “Roaring 20’s” if it was economically despairing?

  10. Eric Ren

    Typical Keynesian explanation.

  11. Keith Hughes

    I believe the increase was after the crash not before and I would argue the
    margin buying became much more commercially used by the middle class in the
    twenties….. And when you say most economists…. I am wondering your
    operational definition of “most”. And a member of FDR’s admin… just one?
    You make good points, and I stand corrected on the start of margin buying
    and I am not discounting your thesis however I would say the debate is def.
    not settled. thanks for your keen insights.

  12. truepaganini

    I seriously want you as my history teacher!

  13. Keith Hughes

    Taxes remained above 70% until when, the 1980’s and low and behold the
    economy still grew in the 50’s and 60’s. Government investment in
    infrastructure not only spurs demand and hence supply and business
    expansionism but sets the parameters for a healthy transportation, health
    and education system. I get what you are saying, I just fundamentally
    disagree. I can assure you we give Adam Smith as much credence in class as
    Keynesian economics. You are a smart guy, I enjoyed chatting.

  14. Keith Hughes

    He was not an anarchist relationship to where the
    Progressives were going he is much more of a capitalist…. I am speaking
    within the boundaries of the political parties in power. There will always
    be true libertarian capitalists, just like true socialists. … but they
    don’t play in the game of politics, they exist on the edges. Maybe that
    will change but right now it hasnt. . this is a history lecture, not an
    ideological lecture.

  15. franchyze922

    awesome videos. wish I had a professor like you

  16. kimasaurusrexx

    omg thank you for posting these video lectures. please move to california
    and teach my ap us history class! =]

  17. Kelsey Cameron

    I can produce goods for people with no money. By giving them a job.

  18. SignatureChiliP

    you are such a likeable person, if I pass my history exam tomorrow, you’re
    the reason. You Jesus man you.

  19. thepatshowonwp


  20. rockandrock44

    BTW, Hoover was NOT laissez faire. That’s one major falsity in the
    curriculum. Hoover created a huge fiscal stimulus, increasing government
    spending by almost 50% in 2 years. Hoover was a staunch interventionist who
    supported maintaining wage rates and stimulus plans to attempt to fix the
    Depression. To say Hoover was a laissez faire President is to claim that
    Obama is a laissez faire President. In 1932, Hoover bragged about how much
    he had intervened to save the economy.

  21. Keith Hughes

    I do not live in a world of absolutists. In the general understanding of
    gov. action, he took little action directly. Tinkering with pro business
    policies like tariffs and subsidies is a distraction from the larger idea.
    If you are one of those Ron Paul Fed people, there is no sense in arguing.
    You can win.

  22. shrinkthegovt

    I now realize my last comment could definitely use some rewording; I was
    just curious if there’s some consensus among you and other HS teachers that
    something like the death of Ben Strong was important, and whether something
    like that is worth mentioning in an AP course. I do have some libertarian
    leanings, yet I think some “libertarian” depression theories are crazy! HS
    curriculum shouldn’t include those theories. I enjoy your videos and thanks
    for your efforts to enrich HS student’s learning!

  23. Keith Hughes

    Much of the middle class was born out of the union movement (my dad worked
    in a lumber yard and was able to send me to college on a union salary) and
    much was the growth of gov employees (post office, military, bureaucrats)
    and like you said self employed…. but its a mix, nothing is pure in this
    world of layers.

  24. Lakin Houston

    That has nothing to do with my comment. Disregarding that fact, I feel that
    someone may have the right to steal my money, given the circumstances. If I
    stole from them originally, then yes they have the right to steal back. If
    I have more than I need and they can’t survive without it, then yes. Again,
    I have no clue where that question came from, so excuse my lack of context.

  25. Keith Hughes

    Again simplistic but also generally true. Are there more complex
    explanations that rely on the inner working of corporate capitalism? Yes.
    Just not for my 11th graders quite yet. Seems you could write the regents,
    I am sure taking it will not be a major problem. In ten years I have had
    perhaps 20 99’s, never have seen the 100. Good luck getting it!

  26. Liam Murtezaoglu

    Interesting but I want to know why