The Great Depression in Australia

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Causes and Definition.

This is a video I made for my AP US History Final that shows what The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl was like. Song is “Shelter” by Sarah McLachlan.

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25 Responses to “The Great Depression in Australia”

  1. fireredalex

    whos tha geezer towards the end

  2. sandydogy

    We seem to be going back to this with jobs people in the UK big ques to get

  3. Klaaaan1

    My Mom & Dad went through the depression. I was born at the end of it. I
    remember my Dad not letting any of us kid’s leave the table till we ate all
    of what was on out plate. We didn’t get new shoe’s, my Dad took them to a
    cobbler and had new sole’s sowen on the at 50 cents a pair which wasn’t
    cheap since his hourly wage was 1.00 an hour. Looks like we’re getting
    ready to repete those times.

  4. RuneHQVideos

    I pieced it together from archive footage then added music

  5. NYx Bratz domain

    i know this was a traegty but whts with the shitty ass music

  6. teachingtexas1

    Excellent work. I’m showing this to all my 11th grade history students

  7. coopsHoops

    f.d.r. is king

  8. FlawsicHD

    @superjetism Calm Down..? Just a lil? For those who died during this time?

  9. ShadowCrashed81

    Reminds me of TODAY

  10. Kayla R

    This is an awesome video! Do you think I could use some clips for this for
    a project please?

  11. Celticswynd

    I love Sarah like alot of people, but think you could of got extra credit
    if you used an era song, such as “Brother could you spare a dime?”(But the
    Sarah choice does reach the modern audiance more.)

  12. buddahbully

    im doing htis in school right now. i know what this is.

  13. Benjamin Spence

    This is great! I just read “The Worst Hard Time”(Timothy Egan, 2006), and I
    hit UTube immediatly afterward to try and put some -more- images to his
    words. Both book and video are heart wrenching, and it shows just how easy
    life really is for most of us. Those of us sitting in nice cozy chairs
    perusing UTube, at any rate. This kinda insanity is still happening
    world-wide. If we’re unable to help them, we should at least be grateful
    for what we have…

  14. John LaStrada

    A stunning record of the past we hope not to relive. Every student should
    SEE this. Understand it. Realize it CAN happen again…..and to THEM. In
    order to not repeat history we must know about it. Not deny it. No one is
    promised tomorrow. I often wonder as I look at the faces of those people,
    especially the pictures of the children — did they make it? Where are they
    today? Did they find any happiness after this era? We may never know. And
    someone reading this is probably saying “who cares?”

  15. Aaron Rush

    Mother is the name of GOD in the mouths of small children.

  16. melamia71

    Well said!

  17. albaneliz

    You did a fabulous job at putting this video together, hope you did good on
    your test!

  18. FlawsicHD


  19. Quickfix16

    25million homeless people in america and increasing monthly by 200,000 +
    there is still a few more waves of homeless people to come. it is 2009 now
    so 1-3 years from now is when the worst is going to start to happen. 6.5
    billion people and increasing daily. more life is created then destroyed.
    That is a problem when everything is hungry.

  20. FREEW0RLD2012

    Get ready,because another one is coming. And they say it’ll be WORSE than
    the last one.

  21. JB Kaufman

    Thank you. I will be linking this to my classroom blog to provide context
    for Of Mice and Men this week.

  22. Debbie Colson

    be careful that you don’t confuse the dust bowl with the depression- they
    are not essentially synonymous. the dust bowl affected the great plains
    more than the depression, and the dust bowl rarely affected the east or
    west coast.

  23. Goddamntheists

    I am anxiously waiting for the wall street power brokers to start jumping
    in the depression.

  24. darkflame85

    not bad for a runescape person 😮

  25. Lemonpeep

    I watched this in English. We had to write the similarities of the lives of
    Lennie and George -Of Mice and Men- and the Great Depression and we had to
    point out evidence of the Great Depression in the book.