The Great Depression – Professor Chesterton

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“Many volumes have been written about the Great Depression of 1929-1941 and its impact on the lives of millions of Americans. Historians, economists and poli…

A short video outlining the causes and effects of the Great Depression. This is meant for grade school use. By no means does this video intend to outline all…

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49 Responses to “The Great Depression – Professor Chesterton”

  1. mba2ceo

    YES …? wealth hording caused the Great Depression.

  2. mba2ceo

    all lies. Just my? opinion.

  3. mba2ceo

    Money hording and inflated fake wealth.?

  4. donabbate

    LVMI: The History of Money & Banking in the US…? Excellent source

  5. donabbate

    FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate By Meg Sullivan August 10,? 2004

  6. donabbate

    “The fact that the Depression dragged on for years convinced generations of economists and policy-makers that capitalism could not be trusted to recover from depressions and that significant government intervention was required to achieve good outcomes,” Cole said. “Ironically, our work shows that the recovery would have been very rapid had the government? not intervened.”

  7. Vero G

    Very informative? like the illustrations

  8. psusac

    Brillaint comeback! Wow, you really told me!? My whole worldview has changed now.


  9. dra656

    Fuck you, you are a boring old dipshit!

  10. Thea K

    its? called capitalism or the invisible hand. It is a legit point of veiw towards the economy that a lot of people have to varying extents.

  11. locoxguy

    exactly. Governments only exist to protect its people NOT fix their financial and/or economic life.?

  12. ThingWhatKicks

    Corporations reflect the people they serve, idiot. If people have immoral desires,? corporations will be there to fulfill them. The same, of course, is true of your precious fucking government.

    And speculators preform the extremely important task of bidding up resources in preparation for constriction of supply. Do you not know this?

  13. Shanbo26

    Ron? Paul is a racist old bastard who wants to let sick people die in the streets. Nothing right about that.

  14. Shanbo26

    Riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt and corporations are soooooo righteous. Like the slave trade, the cigarette industry, the energy speculators who? suck money from our pockets, they’re sooooooo good for society.

  15. Shanbo26

    Tell it to the slaves.?

  16. psusac

    I think YOU have the idea that capitalism = free trade = peace & virtue. Capitalism = private ownership of the means of production. Competition between capitalists demands increased efficiency. Sometimes this means innovation, sometimes it means brutality. Slavery is perfectly consistent with capitalsim, as are sweat shops, brothels? etc. ANYTHING that makes you more competative wins. Depending on the cultural context of course. Capitalism isn’t immoral but it IS amoral.

  17. psusac

    Some douchbag has? been flagging perfectly good posts as spam and as having too many negative views –

    Oh no! People are disgreeing with me! IT’S TIME TO CENSOR THIS POST!!! WOOT!

  18. ImageJPEG

    No. What we did to the Native Americans was NOT capitalism. You’ve got this idea? in your head that somehow capitalism = force, which the opposite is true. What you’re saying about the Native Americans has nothing to do with capitalism.

  19. psusac

    “Capitalism is based on non-force”? Really? Ask the Native Americans whether or not our capitalist system is based on non-force. As Hume (or was it Locke?) observed – If you go back far enough, all wealth is based on theft.

  20. uberneanderthal

    47 people still believe in the lies told in their publik schule text book.?

  21. ImageJPEG

    Capitalism is based on non-force. You wouldn’t agree to be hired for a job if it didn’t benefit you, would you? What’s going on here is not the effects of capitalism, but corporatism.?

  22. david arthur

    Rubbish! Another bs recommended youtube vid to promote capitalism. Capitalism is all based on prosperity at someone else cost. Now its being used? against us. Hence recession.

  23. ThingWhatKicks

    You are an idiot. Governments control and manipulate corporations just as much as corporations control and manipulate the government.

    The difference between the two is that governments are naturally evil for society.

    Whereas businesses are naturally good for society. But even that statement is too stupid to go unmodified: business is a natural and? wholesome phenomena that occurs automatically in all free societies: progress *is* business.

  24. ThingWhatKicks

    You? keep saying things that literally could not be more irrelevant.

    Money was discovered (not invented, mind you, but *discovered*) by humanity as a way to improve the efficiency of exchange.

    Your superstitious suspicion of the medium is more than a little creepy. Let me guess: you propose to abolish money (like every utopian before you), by murdering millions of people?

    What could possibly be wrong with that.

  25. thodal2000

    I’m deluded? go read? Debt the First 5000 years. ALL anthropological and archaeological evidence demonstrate there was a market for 2000 yrs.(based on credit) before money existed.

  26. Erica Hardy

    WW2 was a government program…

  27. Joe Buchholz

    In fact, what’s funny here is that it was just made for a technology class project with a maximum time of 5 minutes, and was never REALLY intended for classroom use (even though? I tried to make those whole 4 minutes as accurate as possible). I’m surprised it’s been used by anyone at all for teaching purposes, and that alone is compliment enough.

  28. Joe Buchholz

    Thank you for reading and comprehending the video description. For a while I was ticked at the level of criticism, like “real” reasons that are understandable for economists but not adult laypeople, let alone high schoolers. Then I realized something: that’s just people trying to show off that? they “know things” (whoopee) and just ignoring the intended use. At any rate, thanks for the positive commentary. I hope it helped your students even just a little.

  29. Cassandra Peterson

    I think this is a great summary of the main causes? of the Great Depression. I showed it to my history students today as an intro before we dove deeper into the causes of the depression. Are there more causes that people can argue? Of course. History is not black and white. Give him a break. He is a teacher, trying to abreviate a topic big enough to be its own course into small enough chunks that high school kids can understand and remember it.

  30. Roger Anthos

    no mention of the Fed contracting? the money supply?

  31. jolovesminnis

    The war WW2 brought us ultimately? out of the depression. Things like TVA,CCC and gov programs helped some

  32. Rob Parkinson

    Is Ryan Gosling? narrating this?

  33. liquophuron

    no. what you fail to see is that one man cant change all of theis no one man could fix this, the majority of politicans need to man up, suck it up and fix this nation? instead of arguing about what the “other guy” has done wrong.

  34. puppetsock

    That FDR gave out some money to some needy people does not affect what his New Deal did to the US. It stifled the life out of it for 10 years. Check out the National Industrial Recovery Act, say on wiki, just for a start.

    The govt created the bubble. The govt prevented the recovery. The govt kept the deperession going for 10 years with the New Deal. Then the end of the New Deal after Pearl Harbor meant the? Great Depression went away.

  35. puppetsock

    There were a ton of regulations. Look up when the US Fed was created. The bubble, shown in the graph in this vid, was largely created by govt meddling. Then 10 years of the New Deal solved nothing. 17 percent unemployment in 1941, after years of the US being “the world’s arsenal.”. Then the New Deal? was cancelled after Pearl Harbor, and almost over night, the depression went away. Whee.

  36. AvadaParadox

    John? D Clare sent me here 😛

  37. stonerkid1000

    smoke weed everyday?

  38. dogsanthem

    Evidence for what your saying??
    FDR did give out some handouts? ….The National Security act 1935 and the Federal emergency relief act both provided money for the unemployed!!

  39. fmlycrzyvid95

    I think you did? a good job, thank you for making this.

  40. fmlycrzyvid95

    “… Used to buy? refrigerators like the one you see here.”
    Me: Look!!! A kitty!

  41. Joey Minaj

    You truly helped? me a lot loL!

  42. JeffersonianTV

    10 grade.. really? there are no details in? this…

  43. a00120002

    Glass-Steagal Act….?

  44. NoEcologyNoEconomy

    That sounds like many of the same factors we see today, but Peak Oil probably triggered the worst of this recession. You can’t have economic growth without affordable energy growth, but perpetual growth of any? type is an insane goal on a finite planet.

    That’s what people still won’t admit with all their “in depth” analyses of the situation. They fixate on the “need” for endless growth, not understanding its ultimate futility. Growth = debt, both financial and ecological.

  45. abspartanlaser

    Most supported candidate- Mitt Romney
    Most supported youtube candidate- Ron Paul
    Best candidate- Ron Paul
    Candidate with best foreign policy- Ron Paul
    Candidate with best? solution to save money- Ron Paul
    Worst candidate- Newt Gingrich
    What do you learn?

  46. alpiriquiki22

    song? thanks

  47. Dave Duerre

    this guy is leaving out the crooked Bankers! The were contracting the money supply… and playing games? on wall street.

  48. Dave Duerre

    this guy is leaving out the crooked Bankers! The were? contracting the money supply… and playing games on wall street.

  49. Jesse Cohen

    You are wrong. The Fed caused? the great depression, not overproduction or wild investors.