The Great Depression- The Road To Rock Bottom

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As economic collapse takes its toll on America, farmers protest; mortgages are called in by banks; robberies increase dramatically; and in the summer of 1932, the US Army is called in to quell the Veterans’ Bonus March on Washington DC.
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25 Responses to “The Great Depression- The Road To Rock Bottom”

  1. dapop1001

    Because it is the same. The only difference is that this time they just printed up trillions of dollars to give to their friends, to trickle down to the people. BTW? they charged those trillions to our children and grandchildren.

  2. semiLivedj

    Your own people will turn against you.Dont think that they wont.Remember this when you see? your military comming home.When you join the military you are not a friend of the people.

  3. SongSwan

    Three things at work here,the criminals on one side of the law,the criminals on? the other side and the ignorance a naivite of the people in the middle.

  4. Arianna Cole

    He is American after all. The only? forces they can fight on their own are their civilians, a debilitated Mexico or a pre-occupied England.

  5. Daniel Coy

    too bad the public didnt? have AK-47’s then


    it’s scarey to say but 2013 will be harder than? 2012 unless all governments start caring about it’s people, which history shows has not been the case. The rich suppers, the poor suffers.

  7. Vexx1978

    @Vexx1978 history i mean… Those who dont study? hisyory. Dang iphone messed me up lol

  8. Vexx1978

    Those who don’t study are doomed? to repeat it. The parallels of today and the great depression is uncanny.

  9. BooMStikin

    Terry Kay Rockereller…hummm BS?

  10. gsmonks

    He wasn’t just weak, SonnyAMan. He was? so intent on killing Germans and using up their resources that he didn’t give a rat’s arse about his own soldiers, who were emotionally and psychologically ruined by patching them up and bullying them into going back to the front, over and over again, until they finally were killed. The unnecessary cost in human life was unconscionable, as was the degree of suffering. That one battle was a war crime against the US’s own troops.

  11. SonnyAMan

    Glad to see someone else recognizes? how weak Eisenhower really was as a commander.

  12. sinhalaya2

    indeed !!!?

  13. PoppaWink

    Could? our pass be our future?

  14. bobbychristopher

    Obummer will save all of us? this time around – HA!

  15. gsmonks

    The marchers should have strung up Macarthur, Patton and Eisenhower. They would have saved a lot of WWII soldiers by doing so. Eisenhower’s incompetence at the Battle of? the Bulge would have been erased, sparing tens of thousands of American lives that were wasted on pure idiocy.

  16. Jordan Sage

    This is? proof of time travel.Obviously this is about the Obama Administration.

  17. RebelLeader76

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…100%? right on target!

  18. Ronald P

    At least 1 peson is seeing the light.This administration is doing all? it can do to bring America to its knees.The illegal president would love for the muslim brotherhood to take over.There are 4 members of the MB on his personal White House staff!

  19. WreakingHavoc1

    Exactly. Central banking is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. And fiat currency always ultimately fails. The banksters know this. So this whole scheme of theirs is only partly about money. They’re in this game for power and control. They want to? impoverish most of America and have the people come and beg the government for total socialism in order to feed them. Unfortunately, if the people do that, they will doom their children and grandchildren to virtual slavery and poverty.

  20. bullsnutsoz

    Including the manmade HAARP drougbt. Its all a preprepared programme, made many years back and adjusted for developments as she goes.
    Yes the die has been set and it cant be changed with the levl of brainwash delivered by poison water,food,air, music, news reporting, movies,? toys, electronic mind games and TV.

  21. 1776SonofLiberty

    Agreed. Hyperinflationary depression is rapidly approaching and will create suffering on the American landscape the likes this country has never experienced before….including the Great? Depression!

  22. 1776SonofLiberty

    The real criminals then were the? “central banks” and they are the real criminals now as well! The Federal Reserve and the other central banks are nothing more than a financial criminal syndicate fleecing the people for their hard earned money for their own greedy purposes!

  23. WreakingHavoc1

    One that’s totally false – one of the people speaking claims that Hoover was a conservative. Nonsense. Totally false. Hoover was a statist. He raised income taxes across the board, more than doubling the rate on the top bracket. He signed Smoot-Hawley into law,? a massive increase in trade tariffs. He increased regulations and did nothing to reign in the Federal Reserve – whose actions were the real cause of the Great Depression. Hoover was just another statist pawn of the banksters.

  24. WreakingHavoc1

    That “saving grace” as you call it will soon be worthless – when the dollar is worthless. None of this is going to last. This will? be a complete and total collapse, even worse than what people experienced during the Great Depression. At least in a deflation, prices fall and your currency gains purchasing power. We will get prices rising astronomically and the total destruction of our currency via hyperinflation. And the government will lie and blame it all on capitalism, of course.

  25. WreakingHavoc1

    Exactly – it’s the opposite? now. The video states that the press was Republican back then, now the mainstream media is almost unanimous in its support of Obama. They ignore anything negative in the economy.