Thrive “Q” Update & Longterm Food storage

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Answering questions about my food storage and how I use my Thrive Q. Black Friday deals: My Thrive site: h…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

23 Responses to “Thrive “Q” Update & Longterm Food storage”

  1. FixedByDoc

    well for $5000 you can buy a freeze drying machine lol. but who has the
    money for that.

  2. FixedByDoc

    i was looking around online awhile ago just to see if average ppl could buy
    them and found the one for $5000. if i could make one i would definitely
    try that first. but not sure i could with out understanding how it works
    better. 🙂

  3. beast12101

    I know there is a canadian distributor but Im not sure about UK

  4. tuggaroo

    any information on the Canadian distributor? I’m on Canada’s east coast.

  5. strat2206

    do you know if these guys can ship to the uk? very interesting product!

  6. Zarthalad

    I am interested !

  7. NewPollution86

    thanks for sharing.

  8. Eat Carbs

    I also like how you store your cans.. good idea and they don’t look like
    they take up a huge amount of room either. I’ve been meaning to get some
    myself… still working on it.

  9. seekortry

    I bought a shelf from them last year to store their food, but had to put
    off purchasing the food until recently. I am curious what the difference is
    between me purchasing the food directly from them and using your consultant
    link to do it. If the prices are the same or better using it, then I would
    use it since I do like many of your other videos, and it is as good as any
    means to contribute towards content since I am already purchasing these
    things anyway.

  10. Cr0cket20

    “Moving prep around.” That is something my wife and I have discussed. For
    example, if there was an earthquake, house leveled, and buried all the
    food, then what? I guess one can think of it like stocks. Diversify. Move
    it around rather than have all the eggs in one basket.

  11. wyattoneable

    I just recently started buying Thrive based on different YouTubers reviews.
    I’m looking forward to checking out the products. I like the way you
    organized your storage.

  12. beast12101

    Its nice to have the luxury of it, I didnt have that in Seattle, although
    Im not in the city now, I do access to property further out,so its nice to
    have a few things out there.

  13. Ray

    “queue”? Very nice – will have to look into freeze dried for longterm prep.

  14. FuwaForestFilmsHD

    ‘re Well prepared!

  15. beast12101

    if you go to the site link below, then at the top you’ll see a US flag,
    click that and it’ll have a drop down menu, you’ll see the Candadian flag.

  16. beast12101

    nope, although they have LRP cold ration that are

  17. beast12101

    you do get a better deal whether its my site or another consultant. once
    you log in to their site you should see a better price.

  18. Aqualiteking

    Well, freeze dried foods are frozen then paced in a machine that lowers the
    pressure causing the water inside the food to boil off. So if you have or
    make a tank which you can the air out off, and a freezer then your set.

  19. cwes41

    I like this video. It’s informative. I like the subject too. I hadn’t known
    about Thrive products until now and I really like the “Q” system. It’s just
    what I need. It sure relates to “putting something back” for a rainy day
    (aka Prepping).

  20. FixedByDoc

    wife and i starting next month will be buying $100 worth of freeze dried
    veggies and such per month but not the ready made meals. just the
    individual veggies. dont know where to start. would appreciate if you sent
    me a pm with the links to thrive and any others you may know of. dont like
    mountain house their seasoning is always over done and way to salty which
    is why we are going to make our own meals and season them our way.

  21. mrouterrim

    Are m r e,s freezed dry

  22. beast12101

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing your feedback, whether you bought from me
    or not I like to hear feedback about the Thrive food, or if folks out there
    like another product better and why.

  23. Paddy O'Connor

    Definitely gonna have to find out whether there’s a Thrive UK or a UK
    equivalent, nice video man. Paddy.