Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Part 1

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25 Responses to “Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Part 1”

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  2. hotneo7

    You can’t expect the hyperinflation that is the sole driver for gold/silver to go high will allow you to buy things in? the future at today’s prices. If you were a millionaire a decade ago and bought 1M in silver then after hyperinflation you will still have that 1M buying power. It won’t create wealth. In the future, silver you saved up will let you buy mundane things that you do now with fiat paper money. If you’re poor now don’t expect silver to make you rich. Silver is a pause on inflation.

  3. hotneo7

    Big misconception of silver is that it is not an ‘investment’ it is insurance!? It preserves purchasing power. If you bought silver coin at $5 then today it will fill up a tank of gas at the same quantity it did a decade ago. If you put in $50K today for 3 monster boxes then in the future you will get back $50K in products. Zimbabwe hyperinflation dollars were in the Trillion per note. Hyperinflation is the wave that pushes the gold/silver surfboard ahead and won’t become a Ferrari or mansion.

  4. realsilvertalk

    That’s? generous.

  5. sweetgirly64

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  6. superflee3

    I agree, you need something? to defend your silver when all hell breaks loose.

  7. superflee3

    I am also extremely bullish on silver but the industrial use argument is a non-issue in? the case of a currency collapse because no one is going to be using the silver to produce anything at that time. Industrial demand will drop substantially.

  8. marvelousmarv89

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  9. CollectingSilver

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  10. megaartd

    guns and ammo is way better then silver lol?

  11. Spartan2288

    You house is a better investment than silver. You can get a guaranteed return of 6% on your money by? paying off the mortgage.

  12. CoinManHerb

    Extremely shocking video…Excellent work and I agree that we are on a collision course with the dollar. I’m not an extremist but if you only believe half of the points brought up? in this video I think it’s worth looking into precious metals, mainly silver for us common folk. I know I am.

  13. Tony li


  14. shanelt4

    Be sure to watch? Chris Duane’s “silver confiscation” vid for his perspective on this valid concern.

  15. 0Wolfboy

    There would be a global government that will follow the depression, so the bought silver will be confiscated because currency would be completely digital. These ‘bankers’ wouldn’t just create a? depression out of ignorance.

  16. MsWakinglife

    Does anyone know who Don Harold is? I liked a couple of his videos but he got all upset when I asked him some simple questions. Is he for real? His videos make sense in some ways, but he wouldn’t tell me who the “bad” silver retailers are…even after he created a lengthy video that was very critical of them…whoever “they” may be. Can anyone throw some light on this for me? ?

  17. investinsilver1

    one reason to invest in silver it will go up? in price! Great video…..

  18. Neil Johnson

    uk government know this and thats? why they charge 20% on Silver but not Gold.?

  19. statisticool

    Who said I said you was askin dem for? advice, yo

  20. AgothInnCloth

    Who said i was asking them for advice?? I was the one telling THEM its good to buy sold and silver these days.

  21. statisticool

    looking to rappers for investment direction is like looking to jellyfish for bicycle? advice

  22. AgothInnCloth

    Yes i? know i left a comment on a rappers video about this.

  23. Bigbuxhustla

    ironically some of these people are smart? without knowing it by buying super-huge bling bling chains made of gold/silver and grillz n stuff

  24. ebecerra85

    Once America/Rome falls…the world will? be up for grabs again

  25. ttwurtles

    Mmmm? Gmo goodies