The Top 5 Prepper Vehicles You Can Own

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When it’s time for survival, or when you’re planning to live on your own homestead off the grid, you want to have a variety of vehicles at your disposal. The terrain will be different depending on where you live and where you want to get to, so you have to plan for everything in between.

#1 – Trucks or SUVs are good for carrying lots of items for a short-term emergency situation. They’re durable and can help you pass over things that a regular small car may not make it past.

#2 – Motorcycles, Bikes and 4 Wheelers are important because it allows you to get through certain obstacles without a lot of room necessary to get by. They’re also good for going off road.

#3 ? Boats, Canoes and Amphibious Craft are perfect if you have any need to go in or on the water. You might start with a small water craft and build up to a formidable yacht that would take you seaward if you needed to go that route.

#4 – Campers and Trailers are great for families who want to have a bit more protection than what a tent allows for ? and they’re portable without having to pack up and set up every time you need to move. Trailers can store supplies for you while campers give you a readymade shelter.

#5 ? Horses aren’t usually considered a vehicle, but it’s important that you have a way to navigate without fuel, and animal transportation is the way they did it in the old days and it isn’t too good for us in a crisis now.

If you are building a homestead somewhere other than where you live now, and storing vehicles at another property, make sure you maintain their care. A car that goes unused can develop flat tires and basically rot in its shell if enough time goes by without it getting turned on and maintenanced.

Consider getting some additional accessories for your vehicles, like fuel bladders that you can fill up and take with you in case gas stations aren’t working or aren’t in your vicinity. Luggage racks might also help if you have more to carry than what your trunk allows for.

Consider getting the best off road tires you can afford. There may be many cases where the roads are blocked with obstacles, or they’re simply not safe to travel openly ? and you’ll want tired you can depend on to take you off into unpaved terrain.

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