Top Wall Street Analyst Predicts 2014 Economic COLLAPSE

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Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse…
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25 Responses to “Top Wall Street Analyst Predicts 2014 Economic COLLAPSE”

  1. ??????? ????????

    Hello Fabian! Keep up the good work! ?

  2. deanmullen10

    Why will the economy collapse? I’m not flagging you out as been absurd, I’m
    just generally asking what theory do you uphold??

  3. Pavel Sanda

    broadcast from a psychiatric hospital??

  4. StMin85

    can you talk more on the reset in your next video? thanks?

  5. Mike Cosmi

    Keep up the great work Fabian. ?

  6. Rob Howe

    Fabian, thanks to your advice, I’m buying my first house, in a few weeks
    the deal will be closed. Also, I’m buying an investment house for rental
    income. With my new budget, I can buy a new rental house every year or two.
    They aren’t much to look at, but they only cost $15,000-25,000 each. I plan
    to rent them out for $500-650 per month.?

  7. RRobi31729

    its gonna take a major event for the rest to wake up?

  8. savgal1211

    For those of you that still have not learned to store great ( Home made)
    food? View Wendy Dewitt here on the Tube!! I also stored 40 lbs of Hershey
    Cocoa and canned butter and cheese.. Normally, dairy is NOT safe to can!!
    IF you see that horrible and unsafe advice? IGNORE it!! Flour based foods/
    sauces also can’t be safely pressure canned.. I have 255 quarts an pints
    now of beef, chicken, roast beef, sirloin chill and beef stews canned and
    on the shelf! It is a fun hobby and the food is now cooked and does not
    need refrigeration! ?

  9. sigmas19

    romney was an insane piece of shit like all your presidentials.

    That said obama was the best choice for your lunatic asylum though because
    the bush juniors of this world are just ,at times, too embarrassingly

  10. GuysCallMeShawna

    Hat rule: Wearing your hat backwards cuts your IQ in half. ;-)?

  11. EyeWarnedYouB4

    The “Shift” Is Hitting The Fan! ;-)?

  12. IronicallyVague

    I am so sick?

  13. Selena Layne

    Excellent video! ?

  14. Huey Freeman

    Keep up the good work, Fabian?

  15. luminor007

    Sorry to ask Fabian, but what did you mean about the reset of the global
    currency? I have never heard of this.?

  16. Kyle Ernst

    This has been my thought as well….slow grind down. We are going to lose
    our standard of living. That means think 1890. I am hunkering down in my
    home. Paid off. Storing water, food and ways to heat. Sewer will work with
    just water until the system is over loaded. Defensive weapons and systems
    in place. I see no reason to head for the hills or get caught up in a mass
    exodus south.?

  17. BrotherWoody1

    Romney may not be a “Communist” but he most certainly is a “Collectivist.”
    The Corporatist-State is his collective, a centrally planned,
    bureaucratically organized vision for America as a nation & a society—not
    a whole lot different from Obama’s visions. Americans have had more than
    enough of both the GOP & Dems running this unharnessed political show. Even
    a minor favorable comparison of Romney to Obama belies the fundamental
    principle of the inevitable corruption of rulers in their self aggrandizing
    powers over the ruled. Romney would have been no less a tyrant than is
    Obama. As long as we have a bifurcated “rule of law,” there’s no hope for
    this regime’s redemption. Also, Anarchocaps & Unruly Americans are
    synonymous terms, imo.?

  18. Retro Housewife

    You in Tahoe or Mammoth? ?

  19. Jack George

    If that’s a wood stone in the back ground; it doesn’t meet clearances.?

  20. Firstname Lastname

    hope your christmas was merry!?

  21. pedro aponte

    Ron Paul and his son are controlled opposition.
    They play the role of the libertarians because, if they don’t, someone else
    But you can be sure that they are part of the problem.
    They’re all talk and no action.
    And they donate countless millions to the CIA intel hub known on the
    internet as “alternative media”.
    Yeah, sure. Alternative my ass.?

  22. lughcious

    Anyone selected for a second term in congress or appointed to the supreme
    court automatically qualifies as a loyal servant of the Synagogue of
    Satan. If Cruz & Paul were Libertarians, they would tell people; Stop
    allowing the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate’s IRS to steal from you.?

  23. savgal1211

    BOB is always at the ready!! and nearby are gunnie sacks to haul out the
    cash and precious metals and the ammo!! Yeah, baby!! I keep Katadyn’s in
    the BOBs and extra ammo in bags and the vehicles. each car has a BOB (
    heavy duty Rubbermaid Action Packers) have the Berkey we can throw in the
    cars, too! etc etc etc, and be sure to keep stash of extra meds, too!
    Narcotics for pain, antibiotics, etc again ,FOOD! 3.5 yrs is what I now
    have, opened up acan of bee fstew today I canned 4 yrs ago, Home made!
    Spouse said it was GREAT! I don’t eat meats. I just pressure can for him!
    It is fun to store great quality foods!?

  24. Disabledprepper87

    Sierra’s are the best!!! Hello from the neighborhood. If you are not in it
    consider El Dorado County.?

  25. croc adile

    Hi Fabian,

    Love the “paper airplane” in the background and the nice window facing,
    what appears, to be the east.

    How about a short video asking the viewers to name, NO more than 1-2 things
    for prepping & 1-2 things for HELPing others. Review the lists and do a
    video on some of the best & most practical ideas.

    If anyone reading this thinks this is a good idea, then please give it a

    Thanks & everyone have a Great & Safe 2014; it will be a year that all will
    remember in this generation!?