[Tripreport] | SFO-DFW-LHR | Boeing 777-300ER | American Airlines Economy Class

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Airline: American Airlines Airplane: Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 777-300ER Registration: N860NN / N722AN {Seat: 11A / 38A} {Flightnumber: AA1486 / AA50} {Runway:…

a funny yet serious 2010 skit about the u.s. economy. american’s all over the country will find something in common while watching this short movie about how…
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50 Responses to “[Tripreport] | SFO-DFW-LHR | Boeing 777-300ER | American Airlines Economy Class”

  1. Cameron Trautman

    Couldn’t tell if someone told you the runway you took off at when you left
    SFO. It’s runway 1R.?

  2. Matthew Wade

    Thanks for the video, it was nice to see the economy section of the 77W.
    Did you experience a lot of turbulence on the transatlantic portion of your
    trip? I have had a bad experience going east over the Atlantic – I’m trying
    to see what others have experienced. Thank you!?

  3. ketten51

    in AA do you have to pay for the WI-FI or is it free??

  4. SkyStew98

    You were very rude to the flight attendant in the first leg!?

  5. Albert L.

    I am from SFO as well, and I usually take Asian airlines for long-haul
    trips, but if I were to go to EZE or GRU someday I will probably fly AA
    because of the awesome 77W they’ve got and that they got newer and
    better-looking planes than DL and UA. Thanks!?

  6. AustrianA330

    Yes, I did this trip and it was fantastic! I can really recommend flying
    with American Airlines!

  7. Schipholhotspot

    wow great video mate did you go on this trip? must have been fantastic
    thanks for this great view inside

  8. AustrianA330

    Lol, thx!

  9. Tim07737 | Planespotting EDDN/NUE

    Lol 😀 WiFi on board 😀 liked! 🙂

  10. Miguel Hinojosa

    Nice vid I was on an American 738 from john Wayne orange county to Dallas
    last year

  11. Chuck Norris


  12. AustrianA330

    Yes the old livery was (is) great. A part of aviation history!

  13. AustrianA330

    Ehm… thanks!?

  14. iloxor

    Thank you very much for sharing! I liked the former, silver AA airoplane
    painting much more!

  15. Chuck Norris

    Dafg shi tugh fuh Fuji shyah uh ahi tasad 🙂

  16. AustrianA330

    Nö, dafür gibts WLAN 😀 Aber das kostet….seeeehr viel!

  17. Berlin Movieplanespotting

    Ach diese also, ja das glaube ich aus eigener Erfahrung. Aber erst in der
    First class, glaube, gibt es Ipads?

  18. AustrianA330

    Inflight Entertainment, das sind die kleinen Fernseher auf den Lagstrecken

  19. Berlin Movieplanespotting

    Sorry was ist IFE?

  20. PlaneSpottersNetwork


  21. AustrianA330

    I’ve more of these 😀

  22. PlaneSpottersNetwork

    Awesome! I love these trip report videos!

  23. AustrianA330

    Der Service ist echt toll, aber ich schwärme hier am liebsten vom IFE! 😀

  24. Berlin Movieplanespotting


  25. Berlin Movieplanespotting

    Wie ist denn der Service am Bord?

  26. DJ PIGG

    Nicely done!

  27. Tayler Born


  28. PPKLU

    not bad man.

  29. Amelya F


  30. billytherobot

    thanks so much! some people take it a little seriously, but we were just
    having some fun. we appreciate the comment! -billy

  31. vwplanet

    Excellent job guys! Billy Mc — you’ve got skills brother! Everyone needs
    to see and hear this!!!!

  32. billytherobot

    thanks for the support suzy!!….billy

  33. billytherobot

    we meant nothing of the sort. the costume is actually a big foot / yeti

  34. Kalaban930

    i work with the guy in the yeti costume.

  35. DeleyTube

    That’s my SON-IN-LAW!!! Awesome beyond belief!!!!

  36. houdini189

    nice video

  37. melly6970

    Good vid. Those boarded up buildings looked like my town as well.
    Wal-Mart/McDonalds ect too, lmao.

  38. billytherobot

    thanks for the kind words! we really appreciate it! 🙂

  39. suzywazoo

    love this rap. it gets stuck in my head and I find myself singing it all
    day:) awesome video too!

  40. Low StringTV

    I know huh? but we sure did see a lot of change with bush.

  41. johnwalkernet

    This video not only contains meaningful lyrics, it is also backed up by
    some of the smoothest jazz around that keeps you humming it all day long!!
    I’d like to see more videos like this with that very smooth background.
    Greta work, Billy!!

  42. AndyO AndyOzark

    Anything with a gorilla and a confederate flag wins.

  43. mu966

    usa is the richest country in the world

  44. Redbloodedsky

    I thought you were actually going to talk about economy… not how you felt
    about not having enough money…

  45. spencer3322

    ThAtS awEsOmE! =)

  46. vwplanet

    Excellent video guys — excellent song — with a smooth classic 90’s hip
    hop vibe…and a subtle props to the great Run-DMC. And just to
    clarify….the rebel flag t-shirt only means Southern Pride and Heritage –
    nothing more – but many people today mistakenly view it as a symbol of hate
    — not true — even though idiotic racists have tried to adopt the flag as
    their own.

  47. JFTKproductions

    lol nice job

  48. billytherobot

    thanks a lot melly! we appreciate the support…billy

  49. Degela

    And the fattest country in the world!

  50. DeleyTube

    Can’t stop watchin’ this! It’s excellent!