U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)

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The Economy isn’t going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing. Follow us on Facebook: http://faceb…

The state of the American economy to some is no accident. There have been many key factors that have taken place to bring the American economy to where it is…
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45 Responses to “U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)”

  1. rico dyson

    the third option is the only real hope

    commanders of the US? military need to wake up and bring the war to the goverment

  2. Fack yo Couch

    I guess I’m confused what these soldiers will be? paid with to kill their own citizens when there is no dollar?



  4. Kreepy Pasta

    Let’s place bets on what derogatory name your movement will be labeled by mainstream? media !? my guess is : “racist anti-Americans!!”..or “Un-American Anti-Tax Terrorist TeaBaggers!”

  5. charging7

    I agree, the pain is coming for this world. We kill 2 babies every minute and wonder how we’ve fallen so? fast. It’s called rampant godlessness and God will not be mocked. He will exact His perfect judgement on this wicked generation.

  6. charging7

    Are none of you familiar with The Bible? This was never going to go on forever; our time here is almost done. Jesus Christ is returning in all of His glory to judge this world and separate the godly from the godless. Ask Jesus into your heart and ask for? forgiveness of your sins while there is still time. Whether you believe or not doesn’t matter, you will face Him for judgement. “Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”.

  7. desertkay1

    National End the income tax day, April 13, 2013. Contact your local Tea Party for time and locations, or send me a? pm, or go to website.

  8. federalwarhawk

    Most people I know are totally oblivious to any debt crisis, here or in Europe, are content to walk? thru life with rose colored glasses, and are more concerned with who is going to the Final Four, or who is going to be #1 draft pick in the NFL draft,

  9. Chris Christides

    Bert is a candy ass emotional? cripple liberal progressive dolt.

  10. MarvelousWesty

    Our Alaska state troopers? just took delivery of 3 Lenco BearCat military ATV’s. Its only just begun!

  11. Kelvin Reyes

    How come these videos arent being pulled off? Cause this? is good stuff

  12. Karl Clausewitz

    A concerned global citizen. But yeah, definitely not someone from the self assuming “Land of the Free”. And glad of it too I might add. Not everyone will be rooting for the Yanks in the next global showdown. The propaganda spewed out about Iraq, WMDs and how they were somehow involved in 911?, as a cause for war made intelligent, thinking individuals realise that ‘Merika was going over to “the dark side”. Sorry, just calling it like it is.? The truth hurts, but it is what it is.

  13. tomaspianist

    who are? you, a fucking Brit?

  14. Karl Clausewitz

    People need? to start making preparations for the inevitable now. The USSA will go to war in the Middle East to feed its insatiable military-industrial complex and defend the petro-dollar. That is the truth. If Amerikans (misspelling intended) ever were the good guys, they certainly are no longer. This has all happened before in history,? The cycles keep repeating.

  15. weelgunny

    Claim “0” on your W4.?

  16. weelgunny


  17. Bert Newton

    USA? war monger country has been involved in different conflicts since 1990 gulf war. Your whole country rotates around killing people. Wouldn’t it be great if Nth Korea come now and blow your economy out even more? Fuck the USA 😛

  18. MetalTeK70

    Lmao………..you still gotta try man. Don’t ever give up trying wake the dead.?

  19. WulfBand

    There is another way out of this.
    Develop an INDEPENDENT NON? ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM for the US & vote to take down this Criminal Govt posing as the US Govt.

  20. WulfBand

    There was NO NEED for our govt to order those 2700 Assault Vehicles. We have SWAT in every city. They will used these vehicles to round up Dissidents? when the time comes.

  21. xXTheKilleur68Xx

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  22. Shirley Williams

    Call,? get ahold of your platoons see how they feel

  23. TobiLivesOn13

    There telling the truth. We don’t hear this on our American News Stations. American News hides its bad side and only shows its good side.? There making more Americans aware of the dire situation we are in.

  24. sam dee

    Asia will wield more global power than the US and Europe combined by 2030, a forecast from the US intelligence community has found.Within two decades muslim countries will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy, the report adds.It also warns of slower growth and falling living standards in? advanced nations with ageing populations.

  25. Alexis Ortiz

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  26. Bobby Vaught

    Why anyone would want America to be more like left-wing Europe is beyond comprehension. High taxes, high spending, unions, stagnation. Anyone taking a good look at Greece, Spain, etc.? Are you really that sure on Obama? Is that really the direction you want to go??? Romney/Ryan have my full support.

  27. xxcrysad3000xx

    I honestly don’t know who writes their stuff, college undergrads who are still green and have no experience in the real world? It’s so … cute? ?

  28. Dean Williams

    CO-OP? everthing

  29. Ac1DGoD

    lol = his voice sounds like such pathetic shit. ? hahah when he starts talking at 1:48 when I first heard him I laughed my ass off.

  30. Justin R

    This station bashes this? country like hell

  31. matta harry

    RIGHT? ………………

  32. Mariano Castellanos

    I? predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

  33. koppellhinex



    HARD WORKING PEACE LOVING HAPPY HONEST SOCIETY were always the slave victim and poorly starve to death. 🙁

  34. 1693108

    PLEASE, THERE ARE ONLY TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN: “Good Or Evil”. And they come from all parts of the world , America,? China, Japan, Poland, Russia….Get the picture????

  35. truism123

    George Kaiser.He is listed inForbes top 100 most wealthiest people in the world.He is a huge supporter of Obama-a campaign bundler for Obama:an individual who collects? contributions for a candidate from others that? are then simultaneously given to the candidate.At ‘one’ event for Obama, he raised more than $250,000Kaiser partly owned Solyndra CORP.Obamas designed stimulus package gave 527 million TAX dollars to this CORP-it? soon after went? bankrupt-IT was a tax write off for Kaiser

  36. kb9gkc


  37. Dan Lokemoen

    The collapse wasn’t orchestrated intentionally, it was just the result of corporations buying congress. Americans won’t vote for someone who doesn’t have TV ads, TV ads are expensive, corporations have money, they buy ads for politicians, and demand fealty in return. The corporations tell politicians that they want banking regulations lifted or they’ll but TV ads for their opponents and put them out of a job. Blame? corporations or politicians, but we built they game, they just play it.

  38. C Warren

    Fixing the? broken economy= Dr. Ron Paul

  39. chummmlee

    USA economy sucks now hahahaha…. We china economy? are the best of the best , we are rich …. USA fuk off hahahahaha china win

  40. MrStarfox1980

    amaerica owes people alot more then a living they take the land your for fathers worked for, esp? the banking system aka red shield aka the rothchilds

  41. FesterNScab

    Companies like Macy’s who exploit associates pay such as mine that reverted back to 1999 pay levels are ruining this country. They only care about how many more sweatshops they can get in China to help out Martha Stewart rather than taking care of their own front line employees. I was never a believer in unions, until recently. Eroding hours, pay and benefits because Macy’s does not believe? in taking care of their own; instead, they eat their own!

  42. Momonoski

    I can tell you this America is? VERY CLOSE to becoming the newest third world country,the middle class in America is just? about GONE!

  43. Momonoski

    China is NOT third world any longer they have a? middle class bigger than the U.S. Today!

  44. alcraig

    I am not from the US and I tell you that you are wrong. I believe the US economy will revive because of hi-tech manufacturing and the demand of emerging economies for hi-tech goods. You will notice the GDP is still growing. The lower US dollar will also aid exporters. I agree the transition will be very tough on the people? involved in low-tech manufacturing but your economy is very versatile. Don’t be so quick to write yourself off, remember chinese imports account for only 2.5% GDP.

  45. Areallykelwguy

    China is not even close to a Third World Country ?