US / American Economy in 2013 explained – Fiscal Cliff Continues, US Struggles From Recovery

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2013 US Economic Forecast – Fiscal Cliff Continues, US Struggles From Recovery.
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26 Responses to “US / American Economy in 2013 explained – Fiscal Cliff Continues, US Struggles From Recovery”

  1. Cessna readyfortakeoff

    How is the economy? now?

  2. MrFuzzyWuzzle

    but that top 1% also pays for 50% of the taxes that go? to the government so

  3. sacofwine

    Lets not forget that a? lot of these top 1% earners create a lot of jobs and bring in a lot of money for many people. Yes they have ridiculous amounts of money, but this is just pointing fingers as if they are complete criminals. Many of them have done wonders for countless people in the middle class.

  4. Monkeyradar


  5. redrum41987 dot com/blogs/daily-ticker/top-5-facts-america-richest-1-183022655.html?

  6. Diego Ruiz

    sad but? true….

  7. MrPurelg

    Hey, nice video, can i get a scource of the statictis used in this? video? 🙂
    We need it for a school project 🙂

    Thanks for the help 🙂

  8. David Gutierrez

    how you can? be that retard?.. your goberment and all you fool usa people did this…

  9. David Gutierrez

    there you go the? american dream

  10. 18billions


  11. Jemal J.Johnson

    Kill your self bitch.?

  12. pela mela

    to the person who produced this video: GET? A JOB!!!!! LAZY BUM!!!!

  13. 1nc0gnit

    Woodrow Wilson after creating the Federal Reserve said:

    I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great? industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.

  14. abe2517

    Great video but is should have been called the jewish? strangle hold on America.

  15. 777x777x777x777

    Most of it is paper wealth; dependent on the price of wall street equities. But when you control that much paper wealth, it also translates into physical assets. The REAL EFFECTIVE way of changing this inequality is to remove the influence money has on our legislators. Until? we get rid of “paid lobbyists”, we will experience more and more of wealth concentration at the top. And that won’t happen until we clean house in Congress. Unfortunately, public education has emaciated civic responsibility.

  16. 4390100

    I thought it was a fair representation, if you just consider Income it may be more equal, however if you just consider just wealth, there would be more inequality. There is also one extra thing the 1% have,that the 99% do not have, sometimes things are not in their personal name so they ride in a chauffeured limousine they do not own, they use a jet they do not own,they? live in a beautiful house they do not own,they have trust funds not inheritance,organizations many ways to funnel their funds.

  17. Monkeyradar

    I wish I had enough money? to be part of the 0.0000000001% who has 10 times more more than all than the other 99.9999999999% combined. Then I’d totally be able to mend this wretched system situation with very little opposition. Oh wait, I forgot, there is such a group and they’re all jerks who don’t care about the rest of us.

  18. david8157

    I dont agree with your complaint against the uploader. I? dont think it’s at all valid. Personally I found the data and presentation excellent. I think you are nit-picking.
    Like you, I too want a fairer world; a world unlike the one illustrated in this excellent video.

  19. Blopblipblap

    Well, I guess it’s time to? stop arguing when my sparring partner apparently sees virtue in ‘having a thing about being wrong’, and sees wanting to arrive at the truth of something as a vice. Really though, getting personal like this when we obviously watch and reply to this video because we both care for a better and fairer world, is wholly unnecessary.

  20. david8157

    I think you’re just a crank who has a thing about? being right.

  21. Blopblipblap

    Alright, last message here as it’s blatantly obvious you’re not taking even a second to read what I’m saying. The VIDEO discusses both wealth and income, but mixes them up as if? they’re the same thing, and makes lots of implications based on this mix-up. That’s what I don’t like about the video. Multiple of my friends have pointed to this video and drew wrong conclusions because of it. If he had presented JUST wealth inequality like the title implies, it wouldn’t be a problem, that’s the point.

  22. david8157

    Read the title of the video. The video is about what the title says…ie wealth inequality.
    If you want to talk about income as a distinct issue, well and good; but the video is about wealth inequality; and it shows very interesting data about the issue.
    If you want to learn about declining income levels and rising poverty levels in the USA this video is useful as an? indicator; but does not deal specifically with income.
    Your points are off the point.

  23. AgentExeider

    the problem is that socialism requires? that we trust the government to administrate properly, and the government is a revolving door for the corporations that created the situation in the first place. All socialism would do is give government authority and color of law to the corporate and make an already bad situation worse. that’s the problem with it, more government intervention wouldn’t help, since the government is controlled by the corporate.

  24. ulla bellason

    And you can forget about democracy. This is the face of neo-liberalism (neo-feudalism). It ends in pure fascism… have fun in ur? fema camps.

  25. Blopblipblap

    That’s my point, it’s NOT honest data. The video discusses wealth, and shows it in a graph, that’s data. But then? to use income numbers of a teacher vs a CEO, and talk about the poverty line. Poverty is NOT measured by wealth but by income. This is not honestly presented data. I’m a European-born who generally favours a social-democracy with heavy socialist elements, I’m for a more egalitarian society. But let’s talk about this properly and not mix wealth with income.

  26. Davarino99

    I find it so ironic that socialism is still portrayed in such a? negative light when its simply a matter of greed existent through all classes that keeps us all down. Id say socialism is a hell of a lot better then what the western world has right now.