US Civil War Is Coming – Economic Collapse Imminent

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25 Responses to “US Civil War Is Coming – Economic Collapse Imminent”

  1. duchess656

    Gerald Celente tells it like it is. Listen and prepare NOW…..just in

  2. Ilias B

    RT NEWS – UK?

  3. Levis KinTyre

    Economic collapse, great! Anything that moves people towards growing their
    own fruit/veg/self sustainability is positive news! ?

  4. Tim Jacky

    War is unnecessary when you know & understand the ultimate Truth.

    Visit this amazing site, it will guide you into the light with recently
    revolutionary discoveries not many people know about.

    `T R U T H C 0 N T E S T`COM & then click on ~T h e Present~?

  5. Alois Kolar

    Magical country again…?

  6. Ronald Como

    Effects of Neonicotinoid and more!?

  7. nick baker

    The demons are laughing and prepare for the big feast ,the souls of
    humans and other creatures ….No wonder ,when through all media they
    are summoned and worshiped day and night …get a hint ,the god of
    the bible was the Demon . The real Good Guy has left the garden of
    Eden (the earth , after the humans sided with the evil ..).. and
    out of the bible. All the religions jews, christians and muslims
    worship the Devil .?

  8. Tony Moynihan

    No one needs a gun, JUST DON’T VOTE. F@@@ Celente, I’m rite BEHIND him and
    he’ll NEVER be in front?

  9. AOTTO614

    Lets gigggity get it mudafuckazzzz?

  10. Momo Yugovic

    Last war of all wars will be in North America. North American people will
    clean up Zionist stodges once for all and after that there will be no more
    wars ever. If you use your head you’ll know that.

  11. Kirk McLoren

    Bayer killed the bees. Chums of Monsanto.

  12. Kirk McLoren

    I fear these boys are going to bite off more than they can handle. They
    want martial law so they can round up the guns. The guns however are,
    rightly, a line in the sand for many people.

  13. jasonmorrisonCAM

    Pork chop sandwiches

  14. Tobby Kolledin

    America is a police state where democracy and freedom are just illusions
    created to calm obeying sheep None are more hopelessly enslaved then those
    who falsely believe the are free Goethe

  15. Tobby Kolledin

    his voice is at least important in all of this bimbo

  16. PaPa Rock

    Karen, what another dumb ass wall street protesting entiltlement frigging
    statement…. I had to say something, because I just couldnt let it go.

  17. lakecrab

    Our country was handed over to the USFGDC (a for profit corp.) when Nixon
    took us off the gold standard…no news alerts, no shots fired. We no
    longer have a country or a republic, we are now just minor shareholders (an
    irritation really) in a “too big to fail” corporation that is the USFGDC.
    The biggest asset we have is the lifeblood of our sons and daughters
    spilled on the desert sands of the middle east.

  18. Johannah Wagner

    We know we have had a take over, the spark is ready and when the match is
    lit if you thinks those troops will kill there parents no a few will but
    you can’t stop 300 hundred million folks! France though they were fine
    ,handed out cake and had it shoved down their throat………

  19. lcdmourao


  20. remi belle

    what’s wrong will this blokes voice?

  21. Bradley James

    Monsanto , Dupont , Goldman sachs , and the like are huge companies owned
    and controlled by the zionist world bankers . BOYCOTT ALL.

  22. John Doe

    I don’t know about you guys, but I for one am looking forward to this
    showdown! Things need to change and change now! Soon, we will all have to
    face that choice. Change or Die. This is a Test people! And remember, the
    Universe owes us nothing and will happy keep on going with or without us.
    Don’t believe the religious hype that we’re “special” and so will be saved.
    We have the mental capacities to figure this out on our own and, if we
    don’t, we will die and another species will get it’s chance.

  23. Frank Rizzo

    We should all move to the mountains and live off of the land. Run for the
    hills yall, you’ve been warned.

  24. noobenstein

    No you need professional help to get out of your bubble.

  25. Zach P.

    wtf you talking about? dude, you seriously need some professional help to
    get out of your bubble.