US History Overview 2 – Reconstruction to the Great Depression

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Learn more: Reconstruction to the Great Depression.

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25 Responses to “US History Overview 2 – Reconstruction to the Great Depression”

  1. Clint Smith

    exactly. the fed is supreme we will not have florida franks or california
    ruppies. just the almighty US Dollar. those framers had some serious

  2. Laura Venterosa

    thats what he said

  3. acommunityofhermits

    Section ten is limits on the states, not the federal government.

  4. Jon Waring Glendora


  5. hedonism13

    @hedonism13 *half sarcasm

  6. Sonny Brown

    I’d love if you made a video going in depth into the gilded age. I think
    the people really need to know this time more in depth.

  7. Ibahz

    A bit too general, but a good overview nonetheless. I only hope that you
    can get enough quality vids up before the AP US test next friday. As
    always, keep up the good work Sal!

  8. Ethan Rahman

    @pay4cayray Thats exactly what i was thinking lol

  9. USArmyGeneral

    Sal, at the time of the Great War, I believe there was actually a higher
    percentage of German descendants in the US than English descendants.

  10. crsala1

    Excellent HD videos! It it would be nice if there would be some in chem,
    physics. Do you do any Anatomy, Genetics, Microbiology, and other college
    sciences? By the way, your an extraordinary facilitator!!

  11. Burry Gonzalez

    when was that issued

  12. rathead1000

    I have a credit by exam on july 5th and i have to get a 90 or above to get
    credit for the class Thank You for this

  13. theamazingempiricist

    I love this series, and the timing is perfect since the AP US History exam
    is coming up really soon!

  14. spirituelconnexion

    You are awesome 😀

  15. kroovyandcal

    The 13th amendment abolished slavery and the 16th amendment reinstated it.

  16. Territomauvais

    @Smielle1 Elaborate? :p. France gets involved militarily in other countries
    (former colonies) affairs without any international guidance; and you don’t
    hear a word of it on American news. Why would you presume I’ve been living
    in a cave, haha?

  17. iamastupidhead84

    I love history! I think i will be a history major in college

  18. Tom Davis

    i would really appreciate a video on the great depression. it seems like
    khan has a great mind for economics and history and marrying the two could
    be very informative. also i don’t know about those with more pedagogical
    experience but im entering high school and still haven’t header a word
    about this important event. (PS. it would be super topical ;))

  19. Liberty OrDeath

    The amendment was ratified February 3, 1913 but the Federal Reserve wasn’t
    created until December 23, 1913. Technically its unconstitutional and
    illegal via Article 1 Section 10 in the US Constitution because it prints
    money not backed by anything instead of using gold and silver. “No State
    shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of
    Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but
    gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”

  20. kingdomheartsluferx3

    Hey Khan, Do you think you could talk more about Prohibition and the 1920s
    or just go more in depth with American history? I could use it for my
    History class since I really don’t understand it in class Thanks Bunches!

  21. SteveCruz93

    Don’t forget about the sinking of the royal cruise ship Lusitania on 1915
    which may have tensed relations involving the U.S. The ship which carried
    some Americans, however, may as well was transporting arms for the Allies
    after a second explosion took place ensuing the German U-boat’s damage.
    Both sides had their stories to promote propaganda, but is one of the
    reasons for the US found in the books

  22. utubegay1

    Sal, you should do some videos on the current middle east crisis. That
    would be AWESOME! Since we see a lot of that stuff currently, it would be
    awesome to know the origins of all those problems.

  23. Joshua Wine

    DonT forget that the 15th amendment doesn’t give people the right to vote
    it strictly states that people cannot be barred from voting based on their
    race or color. Congress or the individual states can still limit
    individuals’ ability to vote if they so chose.

  24. 60rahotham

    Yes, Sure my HISTORY TEXTBOOK said so. You know you can’t argue with a

  25. iveayu .