Warning: The War And Economic Collapse Cannot Be Stopped — Episode 147

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Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit http://x22report.com ** The economic collapse and WWIII cannot be stopped at this point. The central b…
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25 Responses to “Warning: The War And Economic Collapse Cannot Be Stopped — Episode 147”

  1. Ivan Mockba

    Take a look into all Cities, Counties, and States where the Blacks, and
    Liberals have had the authority, and leadership. They are all bankrupted,
    and have been looted. Same thing with that son of the devil Obama. Bush is
    a Jew criminal also.

  2. MrZapparin

    Bullshit,blacks make just the same leaders as whites etc, they make appear
    what they’re supported to accomplish with the right backup from the rich
    and the powerful and you got to play by the rules set by the movers and
    shakers,you’re commenting out of your ass with some narrowminded brainfart

  3. Ivan Mockba

    Things were bad when Bush was in office because of Iraq, and Afghanistan,
    but since Obama got placed in there by his Globalist Jew criminal bankers,
    the economy has gotten worse, and Obama has bankrupted America. Blacks just
    are not leaders. If you will check into every city, county, or state where
    blacks have the authority, you will see what I mean.

  4. Kentucky Dream Land LLC Steve Purvis

    My lord for all the people that has no sense and say I don’t want gold,
    Food and water are key, so let me school you. Gold will always be a global
    currency that means even if America collapses you can still be wealthy in
    another country and even if you don’t want to move someone else will won’t
    to and your gold will be as good as money to buy you food,water,etc

  5. KaptainKokosnoed

    i doubt a barter economy would last long, its very inefficient. so gold
    will definitely not be worthless unless you think theres gonna be a nuclear
    winter/fallout scenario where theres no society anymore

  6. streetstunt600reggae

    The shooting you were talking about happened. Navy Yard

  7. Trex Charles

    well at least in a state of collapse when no one will accept anything but a
    tangible good , at least you could trade a liter of gasoline for a loaf of
    bread or a box of ammo , gold who would want that when your family is
    starving . Food and energy is key , money no matter the denomination will
    be worthless , at least in the first stages of econimc collapse

  8. Traitor Hunter

    who ever is still alive the other side of this war/civil war, you must tell
    the survivors who is behind the NWO, this JWO started 3000 years ago, it
    started when the jews invented a god, the all seeing eye, and wrote about
    god in a book they wrote called the bible, in this book they proclaimed
    themselves the chosen race/people, the jews own all internationl/central
    banks bar 3, CUBA, NORTH KOREA, IRAN, we the GOYIM as in the TALMUD, built
    their space programme using the false cold war.

  9. scott murphy

    Debt is a lie, only owe bankers just dont pay there thieves anyway

  10. 1969ElToro


  11. Traitor Hunter

    when the military finally wake up, they will be destroyed using energy
    weapons, we the GOYIM built these weapons for them, the G in masonic
    symbols is for GOYIM, the set square and compass are the tools the jew gave
    the GOY to build their JEW (NEW) WORLD ORDER the jews who own the bank of
    england, wall st and federal reserve funded the soviet JEWS, BronsteinAKA
    Trotsky, mosses levyAKA Karl Marx and all the jew bitchers that murdered
    100+million white russian christians, these jews now own us.

  12. 76special

    Lol, I stand corrected but they are definitely going into Syria.

  13. man tan

    OMG Fiat cash is trash… this garbage does not concern me… I am a firm
    believer in physical gold, physical silver…. The people with physical gold
    and silver can relax, take vacations etc…

  14. Scottish Gold

    Thank you for correctly pronouncing “Iran.” It is pronounced (eye-ran), not
    “Ill-lon,” or “EEE-llon.” We speak English with English rules. It is not
    our fault that the Iranians or others in the mid-East can’t pronounce the
    letter R.

  15. rfn944

    The American people do not want war. We are being terrorized by our own

  16. Trex Charles

    who is going to accept you gold when the whole thing has crashed and burned
    to the ground , have food and energy supplies ready becasue no one can eat
    gold and silver , that day has come and past

  17. Scottish Gold

    You can’t eat gasoline either. That’s ok. Use paper fiat currency to fuel
    your fire place. It will keep you warm in the winter when you have no money
    to buy electricty or oil to burn.

  18. Jay Stimson

    On the economic front … it’s the banksters, moneychangers.
    /watch?v=aui3yBIOVzw On the news front … who owns the mainstream media ?
    /watch?v=h4l3saFnlmA On the Syrian front … Obozo has his orders from his
    masters at 33 Liberty St. NYC

  19. RougeCoyote

    What are you, stupid. Just Google how much money do we give Saudi Arabia.
    Or are you just another mindless troll who can’t think for themselves.

  20. beammeupscottie7

    I can’t wait until it’s all over….should’ve happened in ’08

  21. stg5ive

    China had a huge DDOS attack on Sunday–the biggest in it’s history

  22. Eric Virgil

    If anyone is from SC I have been trying to get people to group up with my
    family and I. If you are from SC or live close to Spartanburg I invite you
    to contact me.

  23. morpher44


  24. Bryan Chadwick

    impeach war criminal obama and jail the banksters and criminal politicians

  25. Jen Baje

    i’m with you!! SOS. not that i want it to happen….i just don’t like the
    fact it hasn’t happened and they keep predicting it’s gonna happen like,
    maybe, tomorrow!!