We The People | How To Save An American Economy

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PLEASE SHARE IF YOU FEEL THIS. How to fix an American Economy Help us finish this movie : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wtpmovie/we-the-people-0 “We Th…

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16 Responses to “We The People | How To Save An American Economy”

  1. Hang The Bankers

    Look forward to the finished product!! HangTheBankers . com

  2. Citizensgateway

    @iamaqt2012. Thanks for the support. Please send us some pics of this
    Walmart Effect. Would be great to show in film.

  3. ZiggyOtaku

    I really would have liked to see this go through. It’s a shame it didn’t
    get enough backers

  4. cedoman1

    People … make VIRAL please..

  5. garreth davis

    God Bless.

  6. iamaqt2012

    I live in the home of Wal-Mart (Bentonville, AR). On the road leading to
    the home office is a long row of mom and pop businesses that have closed
    down. It’d be a great picture to capture for this movie…the stark
    contrast between poverty and wealth. I cannot wait to see this!!

  7. Citizensgateway

    @wmh1982, Thanks for the note. we’re a small team currently doing a massive
    amount of work for this project while working our 9-5 jobs during the day.
    We are looking for contributors to help with shaping and fine tuning things
    such as what you mentioned. We are proofreading everything and checking
    facts but what you just said is amazing. please send me a note and I will
    share our email with you. As for Mr. Schiff, we are talking with him trying
    to schedule something. would be great. thX CGteam

  8. jmintube

    This film reminds me of Zeitgeist Addendum, although I’m not sure if the
    director/producer has the same take on the issues facing society.

  9. FreeThinkersFTW

    Your interview of John McManus, President of the John Birch Society, hurts
    the credibility of this “documentary” immensely, at least amongst
    independent and those that lean left. It’s as bad as having an interview
    with the president of the KKK, acting as if they are a credible source of

  10. iamaqt2012

    I will get some pictures for you. I donated to the film. I think it’s a
    great cause!

  11. Kristoff Rand

    So what is your idea for how politicians will get money for their
    campaigns? HQ’s, aides, bumper stickers, consultants, polling, commercials,
    signs etc. etc. And are you saying you want to increase taxes on the
    wealthy temporarily or permanently? Or at all? This all sounds a little
    occupy-ie. But it feels honest and Libertarian. I can’t quite tell.

  12. Shady Fatnassy

    The whole system we’re into is corrupted not just economy.

  13. WombatBitch


  14. Citizensgateway

    @nightweels,the economy is just one aspect of the film. it is a key element
    in waking up the masses. Every aspect of human life is effected by the
    economy. please share the link and lets wake up the masses and move

  15. kdschutube

    This really looks great!

  16. Debra Walsh