What will happen after the economic collapse – How to prepare

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“Putting together the puzzle pieces” An overview of a possible outcome of an economic collapse. Descriptions on how FEMA camps might be used along with globa…
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

25 Responses to “What will happen after the economic collapse – How to prepare”

  1. Roch Bourgoin

    I would’nt? mind going to a fema camp, as long as they have cable tv.

  2. Rebecca Hadley

    no, you have it? wrong……it is NOT too late for you because you have not committed the unpardonable sin. If you were Born again( were saved) and then…denied or deny God..THAT is the unpardonable sin….

  3. Lex Kinast

    Put up signs in your community stating that you wish to join a survivalist organization and include your email address (not your phone number or address) and put your feelers out for survivalists in your area that will take you under their wing and mentor? you. Consider a solar panel system for energy… cheapest and easiest. 🙂

  4. Lex Kinast

    Oh yeah… also store water now. You can do this basically for free… collect plastic PVC bottles and their caps (the type that soda comes frm) and fill with tap water and store in your basement, your pantry, out in your shed, wherever (don;t use plastic milk jugs, that will not work, but soda bottles can be used to store bulk dried food and also water… go raid a recycling bin). Look online on craigslist (nearest big city) for the large rain barrels and haul? one home…

  5. Lex Kinast

    That is not an unforgivable sin… go read up about “Doubting Thomas”. The unforgivable sin (if you are a Christian, I am agnostic)? is if you come to accept Christ and then turn your back on him/renounce your faith. Questioning the existence of God in the first place is not an unforgivable sin anywhere in the Bible. Who told you that?

  6. Lex Kinast

    Yup, you can grow food in almost any container! Look up “container gardening”. Potatoes, carrots, brocolli, rhubarbs, tomatoes… some foods are easier to grow than others. Potatoes are fairly easy? to grow, as are sweet potatoes and most types of lettuce and herbs. You can also get a worm compost bin… the compost will help you grow much bigger produce, much tastier, too! Look up “worm bin composting”.

  7. Lex Kinast

    If you honestly believe that, then you obviously think the police and military shouldn’t have guns either, right? You just said it yourself… guns are symbols of oppression. You do realize that criminals are not going to pay attention to so called gun control laws? The only people who will obey are law abiding? citizens, and they are not the problem in the first place.

  8. Lex Kinast

    practice with your siblings, learn CPR. If you have Netflix look for a TV show called “Surviving Disaster” and commit as much of the info from these episodes as possible: Earthquake, Nuclear War, Global Pandemic… watch all the episodes, but remember the stuff about pandemic, nuclear war and the earthquake/hurricane stuff. Get yourself the SAS survival? handbook and the Scout handbook, read and practice. Practice knots. Practice sharpening knives. Improve on your slingshot/bow and arrow skills.

  9. Lex Kinast

    Make yourself a notebook of survival skills in note form and commit it to memory. For instance, you can use chlorine bleach to purify drinking water if you can not boil it for some reason. 1/4 tsp of chlorine bleach for every U.S. gallon (about 4 liters)-? this will kill stuff off but will still be safe for you and your pets. Get yourself a dog (like a pitbull or a shepherd) NOW, train it (not to attack, but to help track, etc). Watch videos on first aid survival (CPR, tourniquets) and…

  10. Lex Kinast

    Also look up the prepper videos that show how to put aside a month? of food for 20 bucks (discount rice storeed in plastic PVC bottles will last a long, long time). Put aside heirloom (non GMO) seeds and download info (survival info and how to garden, how to build emergency shelters, how to tie knots, emergency first aid, etc) and print it off.. this will be the cheapest for you. Remember that water left out in direct sunlight for several hours… sunlight will kill germs in water.

  11. Lex Kinast

    Look here (I am in Canada but found this for? you): groups.yahoo.com/group/iowa_preppers (e-mail them)

  12. Lex Kinast

    Learn wilderness skills through Scouts or Rangers. Create a club at your school for like-minded teens… strength in numbers! Create a bug out bag for yourself, and a bug out bag for your parents and your younger siblings. Put water? purification pills, lighters/matches, firestarters, candles and try to get an emergency weather radio and solar flashlight (I recommend ETON brand). Read as much as you can about Germany in 1932 and 33 and history and compare to what has been happening since 9-11.

  13. Lex Kinast

    I made an account to reply to this because I feel greatly for young people who have parents who are “asleep”. Don’t doubt yourself- shit is going to hit the fan, SOON. Learn as much as you can about survivalism. Try to get? a food dehydrator and dehydrate food- probably the cheapest for you. Store rice in 2 liter bottles. Look on craigslist for survival gear (its cheaper). Try to get a machete, a cross bow and a hunting slingshot. Join a survival group in your area! Join Scouts or Rangers.

  14. roger jones

    I am 19 and more? young people are well aware than many adults think! but where is our voice!? Our parents and friends sometimes don’t take us serious sadly.

  15. roger jones

    You got it all wrong bro ..The ones who question their faith are the most faithfull?

  16. 1600Percent

    Fact. Fear controls. If there rly is some deep conspiracy like this consider two things. One, why are there thousands of freely available, uncensored vids on the internet if the govt doesn’t want us to know this stuff. Two, even if every last bit of this was true, we’re fucked. If I knew I had two months to live I wouldn’t spend it worrying and waiting to die. I would go out and live my life to the fullest while it was still there. Remember, if you live in fear than you aren’t rly? living.

  17. 1600Percent

    Who? besides Alex Jones did you get your sources from?

  18. HabsChamp

    Its too late for me. I already questioned whether God was real and as the bible states, that? is an unforgivable sin and I can’t go to heaven.

  19. George Carpenter

    Oh no you have no guns. How tragic, stupid, brainwashed yanks cannot go into schools and murder innocent children. GROW UP!!!!
    Guns are not freedom, they are? symbols of oppression, they are there for killing people.

  20. noneya bidnezz

    Hey folks, I heard that u can grow food in those small plastic “kiddie pools”………just fill them with dirt, provide light and water. I suggest carrots, potatos….Apple trees? and plum trees can grow in the cold climates…..

  21. noneya bidnezz

    thank u for taking the time to? post.

  22. brutus301

    The funny thing is? that one can take “bible prophecy” and apply it to any era since it’s inception. There have always been wars and rumors of wars. There has always been famine and pestilence somewhere on the planet. There have always been evil dictatorial type rulers. People get caught up in prophecy to the point where the loose rationale and common sense, Religion is a keystone of the whole deception because few dare to question it

  23. J123J1

    Wonderful, a young person that wants to know what is really going on. I strongly urge you to get to know Jesus, along with your studies of the current climate of the country I pray you can spread the news among the young people you know too If they refuse to listen, move on to the next. If no one listens, just keep preparing yourself God is in control, and will comfort you in these times of tribulation, but he gave us a brain to use, looks like your using? yours!

  24. patrickmaky42

    Get some videos? of that up, sounds interesting.

  25. ohthehorror1234

    The problem with people who believe in economic collapse of America is… they do not take into account the power of corporations to stave off the collapse,? they usually believe in spiritual sources or religion, and they are often the people who believe 9/11 was an inside job.