When to buy silver and precious metals. Junk Silver coins is the way to go.

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When to buy silver and precious metals. Junk Silver coins is the way to go.
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Please note – he didn’t say sell, he said don’t buy in 2012 forum.lowyat.net DON’T BUY GOLD OR SILVER You may have noticed the prices of gold and silver are rising. As I write, gold is up over to around 70 an ounce and silver has increased around to approximately an ounce….
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25 Responses to “When to buy silver and precious metals. Junk Silver coins is the way to go.”

  1. ArgentPure

    I’d say we are only in the first phase of the bull market in silver with a long way to go. Anyone who is stacking silver right now is getting in “early” in my opinion! All the easy money has already been made in silver but all the “big” money is yet? to come! Silver stacking is certainly not a “get rich quick” scheme! Buy regularly and dollar cost average! Accumulate until you feel you have enough! I have less than a 100 oz’s left to stack and then I’ll feel content with what I have in silver!!

  2. agilesilver

    so he said, don’t buy when price is rising … so buy when its falling. i think its his way of saying “buy the dip” … I think RK would hate to see amateurs put a ton of money into PMs at the wrong time and then get burnt. they would become unhappy and never think about hard money? again. BUT if someone bought rental properties and saved the passive income in gold or silver … that would be a classic Kiyosaki move. anyway, good video, thanks!

  3. agilesilver

    RK is always kind of coy when it comes to things like this. I remember him saying I bought silver in 1998 or something, meaning he got in early.? When he says, “get educated” or “don’t chase price” he is conveying double meaning. This way, he sticks to his mantra, ie small business > cash flow > investments. He is not a fan of cap gains, which is how the layman usually looks at PMs. But on the other hand, anyone who “learns up” on silver vs AAPL will get a really good lesson in undervalue vs over

  4. flyinbry

    Kiyosaki? is a douche.

  5. Koushi82

    and ps that is on the cc company dime.

    they hate cc churning people though you may be black listed if you do it too much and only those with excellent? credit can do this those that have bad history need not apply.

    dont forget to pay it off before the grace period is out so you pay 0% interest.

  6. Koushi82

    for gold + silver stackers. I recommend using your credit score to apply for credit cards just for the signup bonuses and if you can spend that amount then fine but if you cannot then you can buy gold/silver with it to stack at a major discount while having the signup bonus completed.

    most people here probably spend enough already to make it so it may not apply to them. but responsible people that spend very little that strategy can? help them save money.

    20%-40% off is very good.

  7. Koushi82

    lets see what happens when the stock market crashes again.
    and what the powers that be will do this time.

    beware and use no leverage.

    you don’t need to pull out of your investments but do be careful. Note to those that are going to use raw dog strategy options decay thus you have to time it correctly if you want to use options.

    here is a trading idea shorting the VIX after a major run? up will be ideal something like uvxy that decays every single day + vix never stays high for too long.

  8. Koushi82

    guys just admit for a while that it is stagflation we are facing and not inflation or deflation.? prices of necessary goods will rise but non necessary goods will fall.
    have people not realized yet still?

    like I said just sell calls and puts on your investments not betting on either side. the % gains will be about the same thing. no need to trade in and out or speculate too much.

    will there be a general crash soon? probable as the stock markets are near the highs.
    they already planned it.

  9. chychy1

    Germany after ww2? which was in terrible economic shape and had? obtained an unsustainable amount of debt. Which equates to 4 times the size of the u.s national debt as of today.

  10. chychy1

    Terrible examples. You? are comparing Zimbabwe to the u.s which is one of the largest economies in the world. Germany after ww2?

  11. chychy1

    Only if you hold future contracts. Gold is so volatile that even if you were to sell options and make money on the spread, you will still be under water. You cant sell? options with physical bullion. Also this is a terrible way to generate cash flow on a volatile assets such as gold.

  12. chychy1

    Not if you re-invest it in the? company for long term growth.

  13. chychy1

    I provided examples……real-estate, dividend paying stocks etc.?

  14. chychy1

    Currency’s are not designed to have intrinsic value. They are meant to have economic value. In other words currency’s fluctuate within an economy for? goods and services that market participants find value in. Currency’s are a convenient means of exchange. The second statement is false. Market participants rather obtain currency’s rather than wine and paintings. You can take an art work and a 100$ bill with you next time when you go shopping and see which one the clerk accepts.

  15. ytgv3fc7

    It stopped? being true in Argentina and Zimbabwe and in Germany. So maybe you should think about that.

  16. chychy1

    Only if someone finds enough value to pay for it. With cash I can obtain goods at any moment.? This is not necessarily true with tangible assets.

  17. ytgv3fc7

    if you have a stock that pays a 5%? dividend and it drops 85% on the market, you’ve now taken a loss.

  18. ytgv3fc7

    and no, for a falling gold market the way today to get fiat cash flow is to write GLD calls? or to buy and then resell GLD puts, better than any stock-dividend yield.

  19. ytgv3fc7

    dividend-paying is not different than cash-value for a gold-sale except that it’s usually smaller.
    This? is a simple concept: cash returned is equal from all sources.

  20. ytgv3fc7

    With a volatile & highly debased currency, highly volatile purchasing power of a currency, how can? you determine appreciating value? What’s your equation that nullifies the noise?

  21. ytgv3fc7

    These are not assets of “monetary value” these are MONEY.
    Fiat is not money. Fiat is CURRENCY. Currency is NOT MONEY.
    Money is a store of value with intrinsic value. Currency is an IOU token ticket, nothing more, with no? intrinsic value, easily debased, highly volatile.
    No one uses yen, dollars, euros by choice – it’s enforced by government violence like police & jails. Without those jails & police no one would use dollars for taxes, no yen would exist, no euros would be held. None

  22. ytgv3fc7

    No need – your condition is not a monetary condition. You can take wine, paintings & diamonds all over the place to get currency of the city/nation, be it silver, gold or? some fiat paper, and you can then get all the groceries you want. That’s the right condition to judge if something is money.

  23. romanowskicm

    guns and? ammo bubble going on now

  24. TheDioshina

    3:11? argent trensent wanted 10,000 dollars?>

  25. TheDioshina

    im confused, mike? maloney payed kiwosaki 10k, and celente wanted 10k? for mike to talk on his show?, and he dosent agree with kiwosaki’s new position on silver?