Why I buy Silver over Gold

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Just a quick discussion, why I feel Silver is a better value relative to Gold…. as of now.

http://qualitysilverbullion.com/ One great thing about this wonderful country The United States of America, is we have the freedom to make choices and conduc…
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48 Responses to “Why I buy Silver over Gold”

  1. Brian TheLog

    Its an interesting point? of veiw you have but do you believe the rich are controlling the price of silver and might never let it get that high? Of course history and math are solid to go upon but there is a lot of corruption keeping us little guys down.

  2. Ashikur Rahman Chowdhury

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  3. Bravesfan4500

    google “Silver gains popularity among investors amid economy fears”
    that will link you to the BBC video.?

  4. Sheograthkiller

    Hey just got 8.5 more ounces can you add that to the total??

  5. silverfish VT

    Joe,? there are people here that swear by fractional Gold. I certainly wont say that you *shouldnt* buy it. Im just saying that if I want to build up a decent sized Gold stack (which I hope to do in the future), Im probably going to be buying full ounces at a time, to reduce my cost basis.

  6. joehervey84

    so i should pass on a 1 /10th gold eagle ? they want? 190.00

  7. joehervey84

    hey great video? for me.thanks

  8. silverfish VT

    Thank you Silver bug!?

  9. Silver Bug

    Great video!?

  10. silverfish VT

    You could do an exchange from jewelry to bullion, but you would lose a little money in the process. Understand, even in jewelry form, its? still gold. It all depends on what form you like to look at it in. Also, cornering a market is tough, the Hunts brothers tried it in the 70’s, and got crushed. We want to see silver make a nice slow and steady move up, that is where we will make it up. Slow boil the frog, dont just throw him in to a boiling pot.

  11. hadrock83

    Im thinking on sale my gold jewelry to buy gold coin. Is that a good idea or im just wasting time and probably money? And if the richest person in the world buy most of the silver in the world, that would make? him a LOT much richer, is not that what they want anyway? So what are they waiting for?

  12. javamanV3

    Just from the point of view? of appearance – Ag is the way to go. I traded in 3 Gold Maples for Silver – wow! What a lot of Silver! and it is beautiful – The maples were kind of anemic looking by comparison to some of the near proof rounds – even the bars are cooler. Gold is not my thing at all – this is both investment and collecting!

  13. silverfish VT

    Its insane, its a small market, no question. The doubters? are certainly getting louder. I will just keep quietly stacking.

  14. Sheograthkiller

    Just bought the last 800,000,000 oz of silver left? in the world, so add that to you’re total…
    No but seriously the richest man in the world could buy all the above ground silver for 26.5bn dollars and that would make the price skyrocket!

  15. silverfish VT


  16. hotneo7


    Lots of monster boxes…wish it were? all mine.

  17. hotneo7



  18. silverfish VT

    I dont rule anything out. I could certainly see a? situation where I do a GSR swap. Very dependent on the fundamentals that drive the price move. Just a short squeeze? Absolutely, I will do it in a heart beat. Fundamentals are strengthening in Silvers favor? I will hold for a while longer.

  19. 2001lextalionis

    I think you should think about transitioning from silver into gold as the GSR moves in silvers favor. At least that is how I look at? it.
    If silver is at say 40:1 but you bought it in the 50:1 range and you had 200 ounces of silver. That would yield you an extra ounce of gold in an exchange

  20. uyt384

    The biggest advantage of gold is that it’s compact — I can fit all I need in just a few safety deposit boxes, without them getting heavy at all.

    That being said, I do have some silver. A good portion of what I have was taken out of circulation from about 1955 to 1967. At first, it was just the few stray silver dollars that came along, but in the end (after about 1965/1966) every silver coin? that came my way was saved, since they were no longer being made.

  21. silverfish VT

    I dont know when they will release the 2013 Taku, you would have to think that? it would be soon though.

  22. Tom J. Byrne

    Hi Hotneo7
    That BBC program has been removed. I searched on the BBC? site. No results for a mention of silver at all, after 2008.

  23. LiquidArgentum

    Do you? know when the 2013 taku comes out?

  24. silverfish VT

    Hi Silverbeat, I did see that. We live in interesting times, my friend. ?

  25. SilverBeatInflation

    Silverfish look on your comments? page, also just read on Silver Bear Cafe (Google it) Americans spent 1/2 billion $ on gold & silver January 2013 & pulled $114 billion out of the banking systems biggest banks. Just think $114 billion kicking around. Well worth having a read of the article silverfish & fellow you tubers. All the best, keep stacking.

  26. ShmarYAHoo7

    I’ve asked this question to a few people but never get an answer.
    I have a? couple of Gold coins in my silver stack. Should I trade them in for silver coins?

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  28. BlackWizard Zeref

    paper money can buy silver,sex,gold,drugs,music,anything. Silver is a rock, it is not an Investment, it is an trade, the price of silver can fall just as fast as it went up, and when it does ill have my dollars and buy up the silver at cheaper? prices.

  29. QualitySilverBullion

    It’s always great? to hear from our happy customers, and it has been a pleasure to work with you! And whenever you are ready, we will have a lifesaver mint to go in your order 😉
    Hope things are going well for you!

  30. Jimmy Dean

    I have done business with them a few times over the past two years. The process communicate was great. I like my bullion and how it was packaged.? The added ‘mint’ was a fun surprise that I look forward to with an order also. Short on funds, is the only reason I am not back for more.

  31. MrLivePositive8

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  32. mcrfuse

    why? don’t you do the contest thing anymore?

  33. davincij15

    Another way to look at silver is to imagine you had a product that if you put on cregslist it would sell the same day, in fact all copies of that product would be sold rightway by someone or many people. ? That would be a cool product to have wouldn’t it? Well if you sell your silver rounds at spot you will alway find buyers and I’m sure QSB would buy them back as well.
    With silver you don’t have to work as hard as you do now, selling products or your labor.

  34. QualitySilverBullion

    Agreed!? Silver liberates the owner in a number of ways. We plan to do a few simple videos like this, naming some reasons why to buy silver, so if you have other suggestions please give us a holler! Your opinion is well respected!

  35. QualitySilverBullion

    Glad to hear that! please? let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with!


    I don’t really care what the reason of fluctuation is I just know its going to keep? going up. “Long term”
    Happy Stacking !!

  37. stangGTKKK187

    keep? stacking silver

  38. lifelessperson1993

    silver fluctuates due to manipulation. Ignore what the? charts say, just keep buying…

  39. silver john

    no everone? should invest because when the fiat paper money crashes at least you will be worth something


    Sweet, everyone should invest so I can? be wealthy. 🙂

  41. silver john

    if 5? million people bought 100 oz silver each year silver would jump by $200 each year


    Silver stays the same ??? That’s why it went from $4.95 per ounce to over $30.00 in just a few years?? Currency goes down yes, but silver fluctuates and right now? is skyrocketing so invest today before its to late.

  43. lifelessperson1993

    no,? silver stays the same, paper currency is losing it’s value i.e. going down


    Jim is awesome !!
    Silver is better? than paper money !!
    If you own paper money it stays the same, silver will gain value!!
    Period !!

  45. davincij15

    I own silver because I can sell it without? asking a banker if I can sell the asset for something else. 😀

  46. usd25674

    I? like dealing with these guys, have been for several months.

  47. FTIdeas

    warren buffet owns Union Pacific Rail,, which owns more land than almost anyone,, there is nothing fake about that.?

  48. statisticool

    Yes, other assets are just fake compared to real assets like silver. That is why Warren Buffet has fake billions of dollars and? is on the Fakest Wealth in the World lists…