Why We Are Going Into An Economic Collapse

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In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The economies of the world are on the verge of collapse, unemployment in the Eurozon…
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25 Responses to “Why We Are Going Into An Economic Collapse”

  1. Poppadop1

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…. And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”
    ~ James Garfield, one? of our four assassinated presidents
    The entire debt-based money system is the problem. What keeps a country from creating money with no interest?

  2. oooodin

    In 2010, 49 percent
    or nearly half
    of the U.S. population lived in a household receiving govern
    ment assistance. According
    About 49 percent of Americans live? in households that receive some form of government benefits, according to the libertarian Mercatus Center at George Mason University based on data from 2010.

  3. Eragon537744

    I just found about these reports and they’re absolutely amazing. Very well broken down and perfect for enlightening the oblivious? or forcing the willfully blind to concede

  4. Trustin Jesus

    “God the Father: My dearest daughter, wars will break out all over the Middle East and soon My beloved Israel will suffer a terrible abomination. Lives will be lost throughout this part of the world on a very large scale, as? the spirit of evil devours the lives and in many cases the souls of My children.” -Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
    Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  5. ElijahJohn888

    Woe Woe Woe to all those who are left behind. Some of you will curse the womb that bore you & curse The GOD that created you but you will be where you will be are by your own choice.
    This day is your day you think but the fact is your day is yet to come. Your suffering that is to? come will be so GREAT I shutter.
    Now the only thing that you will be able to honestly say is ” I was told over & over & over again but I refuse to believe.
    Repent or Perish. Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus !!!

  6. D Keller

    To X22–I very much enjoy your insightful broadcasts.—I also very much appreciate your expressed sense of self-critique by admitting you need to? limit the use of the word “BASICALLY” in your info. Thank you—it’s overuse can be a distraction to the listener. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  7. dellorTtoGtsuJuoY

    To the guy that says Obama’s gonna? save us like LoL

  8. Strugglebuggie TV

    dope and chains…?

  9. atastywonton

    well ur either with us, the angry village mob out for blood, or frankenstein’s monster. here’s a? hint for you, the angry mob wins.
    don’t join the losing side.

  10. cpamacjd

    I was a little harsh, who hasn’t asked for half a dozen of eggs when they really meant to? say 50 million

  11. cpamacjd

    You know the “real” number is 113? How did? you arrive at that number?

  12. AmchesterGaming

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  13. The Ranchman

    Wow, X22 was a lot more polite than I would have been over a simple misspoken word? like that. Take a chill dude.

  14. Angel Broady

    Obama? will save you? Good luck with that.

  15. MrThisworldismines

    Obama? will save us

  16. KingCustoms7

    Yes what was money and wealth but a distraction to take your? focus off what is really important: avoiding death and eternity inside the Sun.

    All the money, gold, silver, platinum bars, diamonds, etc in the world? can”tt buy someone their life back once they are in the grave.

    You are a smart guy, you’ll find the answers

  17. X22Report

    I meant to say ~50 million people are receiving food stamps. Thanks for pointing this? out

  18. cpamacjd

    Speaking of lying, why do you lie? You started 50% of Americans are on Food Stamps, that is a lie. The US population is 315 million. 46 million receive food assistance, Can you do simple math?? That is 15% not 50%, stick to facts.

  19. pedro aponte

    I know we? are approaching a revolution of consciousness, but I have never heard that. Care to give me more info and some references?

  20. pedro aponte

    Woah. I’m a skeptic but I’m also open minded. I know we are nearing a revolution of consciousness, but please explain what u mean by that and where I? can see more.

  21. KingCustoms7

    Once you can convince a person that there is an invisible man living in? the sky and that a virgin can have a baby, the rest is a leisurely stroll through the park.

  22. KingCustoms7

    Never happen. The information that the consciousness of the dead? returns to the Sun and how to avoid death is now available, the so-called jews are out of time

  23. 007PowderBlack

    Changing how things are calculated is like telling your employer that you will work forty? minutes for your hourly wage!

  24. shareofhonor

    You made you the grammar police? You must be from? Alabama.

  25. artyfarty3

    short summery of TA free trade agreement : give us all the product? of your hard labour and we’ll give you this freshly printed piece of ever depreciating currency 🙂