Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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Presented by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., at “The Great Depression: What We Can Learn From It Today,” the Mises Circle in Colorado; sponsored by Limited Government …

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25 Responses to “Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.”

  1. darris321

    “But according to this, that causes depressions- unequal distributions of wealth”. It isn’t that a depression will necessarily follow unequal distribution of wealth, but it CAN cause recession? because consumers are more important to boosting employment than producers. Marginal benefit of hiring new people only comes with sufficient increase in demand for expansion.

  2. darris321

    Depressions are not just “terrible conditions in the economy”. They have to be there for a long enough time to grind the economy to a halt.? This is based on misunderstanding of a basic definition of basic economics.

  3. Ian Moone

    All of these things you mentioned only proliferate because of ill conceived government initiatives. ? Organized crime proliferated when they decided to make items illegal which caused black markets to flourish thereby we see the rise of organized crime. Wal-Mart and General Electric accumulated their monopoly powers by lobbying legislatures to enact legislation that favor them and their operating practices but bog down potential competitors. Care to try again?

  4. anonymous201096

    Did you know that the 2 chief authors of the United nations Charter were Communists? I learned this from another video? on youtube recently!!

  5. anonymous201096

    Vote? for Constitution Party candidates in 2014 and 2016!!!

  6. anonymous201096

    Vote for Constitution Party Candidates in 2014? and 2016!!!

  7. Zip Zenac

    Often the top? 1% are not the geniuses you talk about. Instead they inherited the family wealthy and spend money on lobbists to have laws changed to favor them in order to ensure they keep it.

  8. Zip Zenac

    Every time I visit the US I am amazed at its being a total clusterfuck of non standardisation, inefficient local systems, confusion, contradicting legislation, expensive and over substandard road? and rail transport due to the companies, railway lines etc being in private hands, lack of good service, lack of wider understanding beyond the immediate region that keeps systems and communications in the dark ages (only the US and Myanmar do not use Metric for example). The US had fallen way behind.

  9. RyBryer23

    You’ve proved to lack? any grasp of economic law.

  10. gary morrison

    How would you set about to limit the power of the church,or corporations with the power to artificially inflate property values driving people into tennament ghettos. How would you limit the power of say Walmart of General Electric from accumulating monopoly powers. How would you curtail the terrorist propensity of vigilante groups.? Why is it that Libertarians seem unable to conceptualize any power structure outside “gubbrnment”. What about the history organized crime in the US?

  11. Steve MacLeod

    I don’t know? what in my comment you are interpreting.

  12. Steve MacLeod

    Umm.. what..??

  13. gary morrison

    What Jesus wants are? more manly men, right? ouu la la!!!

  14. gary morrison

    So what we really need is? less governent but more prisons and more guns but only for white people. The only legitimate function of government is to subsidise the weapons industry and defray the costs of injecting death row inmates with poison? We need fewer schools and hospitals but more barbed wire and surveillance?

  15. Steve MacLeod

    You’re right.?

  16. sledx85

    Well said. However the Constitution didn’t fail to do anything. We the people,? failed the Constitution and put to shame every drop of blood on which it was founded.

  17. TairyGreen89

    You’re a moron. The United Nations didn’t even exist before World War? II. It was founded in 1945 after the war ended.

  18. Moe Badderman

    # “I’m happy to do that sober type of labor? that Andrew Mellon talked about.”
    That fat little suit never did a day’s labor in his life, and neither did Mellon.

  19. Byzanking

    No the constitution didn’t fail; its the American people who? failed it

  20. Byzanking

    No the constitution didn’t fail; its the? American people who failed it

  21. Byzanking

    No the constitution? didn’t fail; its the American people who failed it

  22. Byzanking

    No the constitution didn’t? fail; its the American people who failed it

  23. Steve MacLeod

    Natural? selection

  24. secondsleep

    hear,? hear!

  25. Steve MacLeod

    It? was a rhetorical question shitbreak