Year of the Tiger

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A few nice economic collapse images I found:

Year of the Tiger
economic collapse
Image by /\ \/\/ /\
Bombed out inner cities r trying new things. C story…

Day 8 Occupy Wall Street September 24 2011 Shankbone 28
economic collapse
Image by david_shankbone
Day 8 of Occupy Wall Street and the public still can’t walk past the barricades on Wall Street. Photos from September 24, 2011.

David Shankbone
The (Un)Official Occupy Wall Street Photographer’s 15 Favorite Frames

The Occupy Wall Street Creative Commons Project

Day 1 September 17 Photos – Preoccupation and Occupation Begins
Day 2 September 18 Photos – People settle in; cardboard sign menage begins
Day 3 September 19 Photos – Community forms; protest signs
Day 7 September 23 Photos – First rain, protest signs, life
Day 8 September 24 Photos – Pepper spray day, Zuni Tikka, people
Day 9 September 25 Photos
Day 12 September 28 Photos
Day 14 September 30 Photos
Day 16 October 2 Photos
Day 17 October 3 Photos
Day 20 October 5 Photos
Day 21 October 6 Photos – Naomi Klein
Day 23 October 8 – Faces of OWS
Day 28 October 13 – Tom Morello of RATM
Day 31 protesting Chihuahua and The Daily Show
Day 36 Parents and Kids Day and quite a crowd
Day 40 protesting hotties, Reverend Billy and tents
Day 43 Photos at OWS of the first NYC snow fall
Day 47 – Solidarity with Occupy Oakland
Day 50 November 5
Day 52 November 7 Jonathan Lethem, Lynn Nottage and Jennifer Egan
Day 53 November 8 – David Crosby and Graham Nash play OWS
Day 57 November 12 – Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey
Day 60 November 15 – Police evict protesters from Zuccotti
November 20 Occupy Colorado Springs Colorado

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