“Your Food Storage Sucks: The Honeyville Solution” by Nutnfancy Pt 1

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Mention NUTNFANCY in all Honeyville store locations to receive 15% OFF on SIX #10 cans or more until 31 Jan 2013!!! Not valid for online sales yet.///////////////////// Base your food storage off of freeze dried foods and supplement with canned if you have space. That is the official TNP position. There are many reasons for that but the key ones are longevity of storage (25 years!), lightweight, durability, and portability. They need only water for reconstitution and in most cases you will have immediately edible and delicious food. Combining ingredients into Meals in a Jar will provide complete meals for you. Lisa B, Mrs Nutnfancy, and I continue to run down the aisles of a Honeyville Grains Store discussing all this and much more. Many freeze dried offerings are shown and discussed. We will go into protein options to include the Ova Easy egg option. With prior preparation there’s no reason to suffer from appetitie fatigue. Buy a case if you can, a can if can’t. Little by little you can store up these #10 Honeyville food can options and you will be glad you did. Then under proper storage conditions rest easy knowing you have a food option that will be good for a quarter of a century (“use your three senses”). Go to www.honeyvillegrain.com or cheftessbakeresse.blogspot.com for in depth and good Meal in a Jar recipes and store held classes to help further your education. Tell them as always Nutnfancy sent you and thank them for their support to your preparedness
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This is not my favorite topic but there is some logic to the idea of canned meat for the prepper’s pantry shelf in case of apocalyptic pinch. It is an excellent source of protein and will last a very long time. Meat might be very hard to come by during tougher times. Hunting and fishing take time, energy and much preparation. In the meantime I will be relying on a good supply of canned meats. While canned meats are not the healthiest forms of protein, they are a means of long term meat (protein) storage that must be assessed and considered. I have chosen to add them to my prepper’s pantry. Consider a selection of good variety to gather many different nutrients this way. 1. chicken 2. beef 3. ham 4. tuna 5. salmon 6. herring I take you on a tour of my canned meats to offer you ideas on what to gather for your prepper’s pantry. Deviled ham sandwich anyone???……Hey I grew up on these things ….and I lived πŸ™‚ That’s what my mom would say. To your health, longevity and peace of mind, The Healthy Prepper πŸ™‚ . Subscribe! To be notified of new videos. It’s free! Click on subscribe tab above video. You Tube Channel: To see all of our videos! Click on the “Healthy Prepper” link above the video or by going to www.youtube.com GOFoods Emergency Survival Food: Get it and forget it: To order a free sample of 12 servings of GO Foods, visit sample.foodfreedom.biz Our Recommendations astore.amazon.com to find many hard to find prepping items. Follow us on: Facebook: www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

48 Responses to ““Your Food Storage Sucks: The Honeyville Solution” by Nutnfancy Pt 1”

  1. kawikahokulani

    Noticed the Water Bricks. I am using both the full size and 1/2 size Water Bricks, and they are AWESOME! Rugged, convenient, reusable, multi-use. And if you prep each one with either EMT pipe or PVC pipe sections in the slots, and couplings in the holes, they can easily be stacked/staked in place as building bricks. Filled with sand/dirt, they are rugged, and will ballistically stop virtually anything? shot at them. And for hot/dry locations, they freeze well.

  2. highonimmi

    they have discounts on regular basis…online they have one for a few more hours 10% off on everything online. if you miss it wait….another one will come around, ime ordering my second group of stuff:) i will use it to cook? regular meals:)

  3. kanddr

    I just saw this video for the first time and the? discount has expired. Any chance Honeyville will continue it?

  4. TheBilgepumper

    A dash of apple cider vinegar in bread dough makes the yeast happy. It makes the bread rise better, and improves the? flavor a bit.

  5. davk003

    MREs over Mountain House all the way. Like Nutn said though … if weight isnt critical. If your? taking MREs you got to strip them down though. Toss the boxes and all the little shit you dont need. If your taking multiple MREs, you only need one spoon so toss the rest.

  6. PanHustej

    37:00 ..to that “poop” discussion I would like to say, that the best is to dig with a shovel small? hole in the ground then “lay the cable in” and cover it over with ground when you done.. problem solved..

  7. contactjeffrey

    Awesome. I would love to see more video of Lisa explaining recipes and preparing meals. She’s great!?

  8. Lock Smith


  9. Lock Smith


  10. Lock Smith


  11. goose1077

    “A nutrient is a chemical that an? organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an organism’s metabolism which must be taken in from its environment.”—Wikipedia

  12. goose1077

    “A nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an organism’s metabolism which must be taken in from its? environment.”—Wikipedia

  13. Joe Stemple

    It’s not? really a nutrient but it will provide a LOT of energy, especially during hard times

  14. Verliebt

    not really

    is a great energy source but it won’t provide any for nutrition? for your body.

  15. Checkpoint

    Thanks Dude, Honeyville is awesome. Now check out “How to Dry Can Ground Beef” on 255sage’s channel on youtube.? It just blew my mind.

  16. Checkpoint

    Thanks Dude, Honeyville is awesome. Now check out “How to Dry? Can Ground Beef” on 255sage’s channel on youtube. It just blew my mind.

  17. NoBrakes23

    The Rancho Cucamonga Honeyville location is? just a ways up I15 from you.

  18. HelloDahling1

    I would love to see a store like this out here where I live.? I’m living in San Diego, California currently because, my husband is military nearest to National City. PLEASE, PLEASE make a store out here for our families. Or come out a do a demo at our NEX store.

  19. dvetter983

    Great Video Nutn. How does one put Captain Crunch in long term storage?? How long would it last? I think the kids would be loving it if it would last! Thanks.

  20. Sean Hearon

    Do they have? a store in Montana?

  21. jarodpalmer

    Veri, do you know the name of the song used in the intro to this video?

    The? artist’s name is “Jason Shaw” according to Nutnfancy’s “Why Big Knives Don’t Suck” video description.

  22. bryan kestle

    Food storage is great until you have to bug out. You can’t take? a lot with you. πŸ™

  23. jarodpalmer

    Great Video Nutn!

    Too bad? I watched this video 4 hours too late for the discount though. πŸ™

  24. RCKof502

    You can? order all kinds of different types of SPAM…by the case from SPAM itself.
    Good stuff.

  25. Steven Stevens

    Do not go past the dates on canned fruit because they are not canned at ultra high heat like the products she has shown. I spoke with a Campbell’s rep who said expiry dates mean very little and you can go 20 years on this stuff is stored properly in cool/ dark places. Look for products with? vinegar and or tomato sauce/ paste…

  26. adaminma

    I agree, I open cans from time to time to? check, and I have eaten canned chicken that was 5 years past it’s date and it was just fine. Also, Hormel brand cans all their product using shelf stable recipes and techniques. That means that though their nutritional value, and color/texture may change a bit, it will last forever. Thanks for the vid.

  27. HealthyPrepper

    No, I am saying that I personally will keep my prepper stockpiled cans way beyond the expiration date. If it comes to pass that I have to use them in an emergency then I will use the age old very scientific method of “sniff and eyeball” the contents. The main concern would be botulism if the can is compromised. Avoid all dented, bloated cans and if the food smells funny dump it. Canned ravioli and spaghetti should be good for along time. the tomato sauce is acidic and botulism? does not like acid

  28. timtglf

    So are you saying that in general “all” canned foods can go past exp? dates? Can you elaborate more on that please. How far would you go past exp dates and what certain items in cans would you NOT want to go past dates? I have tons of the ravioli, sketti etc..Thx

  29. HealthyPrepper

    I echo that on the easy factor. I haven’t canned meat yet. Not sure if I trust? my talents on that one yet πŸ™‚

  30. TheTubeTempest

    I have so much of that 12.5 oz walmart canned chicken it’s crazy. I eat that all the time it’s convenient and? it’s only 2.00 here and I think that is cheaper than canning it myself. it sure is easier.

  31. SequelFinalNight

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me what is the safest food storage you can buy with almost no? toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Organic if possible? anyone please help…..

  32. HealthyPrepper

    Happy New Year Trashfished πŸ™‚ You? are so right and boy have ammo prices gone through the roof!.

  33. Trashfished

    in 2 years those cans of meat will be gold. You will NOT be able? to buy that can of deviled ham for 49 cents. Buy bullets and hard liqour also. Happy New year!

  34. HealthyPrepper

    πŸ™‚ I would eat them if starving of course. I should have put some in my hubbies stocking this year – he would have been thrilled :). Do you have a grocery salvage? store near you? You might be able to find them for even less if yes. There expiration dates are usually quite far off in the future and are good finds there if the cans are intact πŸ™‚

  35. cougarhunter33

    I love canned fish filets of all? sorts. The buying point for me is less than a dollar a can, because I can always get Polar brand kippers, etc on the dollar aisle.

  36. Rhonda Stephens

    Wow! This makes my meat pantry look soo small! I’ve canned chicken? and stew meat, have Spam, tuna and I’m canning ham this weekend. Great video!

  37. HealthyPrepper

    My apologies for the bad camera? work on this video. That dancing black frame made me seasick too πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment ! πŸ™‚

  38. tnchelle1

    Great topic! Thanks for your video! I agree with you on those herring fillets…ewww…lol.
    I also grew up on the canned ham as well…

    {Just a note, the black frame around the video was very distracting, it kept jumping & it made it hard? for me to concentrate on what was in front of the camera}

  39. HealthyPrepper

    LOL….I will tell my hubby he has some support out here? for his fillets πŸ™‚ He is laughing πŸ™‚

  40. sftwr314r8

    Polar herring fillets in hot tomato sauce is? freakin awesome.

  41. HealthyPrepper

    Foil inside is good. I have experience some serious? loss of food – mostly pastas due to a bug bloom. I am more vigilant now about protecting what I purchase. I break into eat now to 3 months – eat in 6-9 months, eat in 1-2 years – eat in many years to come. The vacuuseal and mylar combo is for very long term food storage for me. ( 5 plus years) Thanks for everything and God bless to you too πŸ™‚ !!

  42. cntrshot1

    i have always left them just as they come the insides r a foil and so far after being stored inside of rubbermaid totes for the past year and a half i still have had no fails i do cook them quite often. i have seen vids where they have been vac packed but i say dont waste the bag if it will keep on its own. some people store them in the gama buckets . i guess it all depends on the space and extent to which u will need them to? last.. love ur vids and god bless–mrs.cntrshot

  43. HealthyPrepper

    I will likely perform the old eyeball it and sniff it test. If anything is off or is questionable it gets dumped. I think 1-2 years past shelf life is fine but? I am going for much longer than that. sniff….eyeball…sniff…eyeball πŸ™‚ I have read that they can be good indefinitely with some loss to taste and nutrients over time but still food safe.

  44. HealthyPrepper

    Yes, the nice thing about canned meat is it requires no? refrigeration or freezing so if the power goes out your meat is still safe πŸ™‚

  45. HealthyPrepper

    Yep, I will be hanging onto the chicken chunks in water and ham as meat gold. The rest might be up for barter? grabs if need be someday πŸ˜‰

  46. HealthyPrepper

    I was hoping it was like a? chicken salad but its probably more like chicken mush. Nothing a little spice and raisins can’t cure – I hope πŸ™‚

  47. HealthyPrepper

    I love Aldi!! 600 cans of canned meat! That is amazing! I need to beef up πŸ˜‰
    Question on the Knorr side dishes – how do you? store them? I was thinking about mylar ziplocks. I ordered some today.

  48. cntrshot1

    u can get roast beef at aldi and chicken tuna cornbeef hash also salmon and dumplins and beefstew. i have all of these in my meat pantry also the dollar tree has the ham chicken beef and turkey on occasion. i think i have 600 cans of meat in my pantry? not counting the ones that i have cannned myself.. take a sm. can of meat add it to a knorr noodle side dish and u have something easy to eat that does not req. alot of cook time. good vid and god bless–mrs.cntrshot